A day to honor or Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents. But why is a special day made for them when we treat them like royalty all the time

So today is Mother's Day. What is special about todays Mother's Day, its a socially distance Mothers Day. So when did Mothers Day get...

Moms of physical and spiritual power!

I will discuss how moms are physically and spiritually powerful and list the traits I value in them. I will discuss why it is vital to...

Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you get to handle situations with immaturity.

Dear Introverts, NOBODY, and I mean nobody besides other introverts, could read your mind. just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean...

My Mother in Law is driving me nuts. How can I keep the peace until she moves out?

Okay so I used to be okay with my mother in law until I had a baby. All through the pregnancy my husband and I kept having to deal with...

LOVE, Don't you dare bite the dust!.

Why is life a Battle... To protect the things & people we love and keep fighting for it & them... Even though it hurts like hell!... We...

To my "best friend"

You called me your "best friend" but where are you? After all the times I was there for you, made time for you, sacrificed for you, you...

I feel like a horrible mother?

I’ll try to make this short. I love my baby more than anything and have always done everything possible to make sure she had everything...

Tell me your severe weather experience?

Got a tornado warning ⚠️ along with thunderstorms and heavy rain. Feeling a little worried.

I'm passionately upset about my birth control?

I've had the IUD since 2019. I got the Mirena which lasts for five years. I honestly wanted the paraguard which lasts for 10 years. I am...

Why do most people want me to be more like them when their living a scared PUSSIEFIED lifestyle?

I was always aware of the "DRONE" lifestyle most have 9-5'ERS who work a dead end job with mediocre pay while being stuck in a...

I betrayed my friend and she punched me; though was it overdone?

Sometimes I still think about last year. That's the only time someone actually punched me, my then friend. She didn't speak anything....

How come I have a brother who beats me to a pulp😭?

I really need help. I live in a toxic household where my father will occasionally beat my older brother. He now takes his anger out on...

How many friends do you have? Do you want more or less, or are you happy with the friends you have?

Do you want more, less, or are you happy with friends (or lack of friends) you have?

What's the Best Advice you have Received or Given?

What's the Best Advice you have Received or Given in here or who gave it you if in here mention the name. Mine was when I asked Kaitlyn...

What should I do about my older sister?

I will admit I complain a lot in my life. I'm 28 and I still live with my parents and take care of them, my dad isn't as healthy as he...

Was thid man overreacting by deciding to throw his daughter out of the house for sending his cat to the shelter?

I think it was a bit over the top considering it was her first offense and that his grandchild isn't at fault for her/his mother's...

Which of the following do you personally think is worse to catch your 12 year old son doing?

You burst into your sons bedroom to tell him dinner is ready. He jumps up startled you notice that he is doing one of two things. 1....

Are these parents overly protective?

Dustin is 12 years old. His parents make him go to bed at 7:30 every night. Dustin still sleeps with a teddy bear, and is required to be...

How did you make the friends you have now?

I'm trying to figure how to make friends at the age of 25 and I need some tips.

How many children do you want to have?

I want to have as many as I possibly can

Should I do it?

I have a online friend that is having trouble in her personal life and work life so she isn't able to reply to text as she was before,...

Is "bitch" really an appropriate cuss word for my 8-year-old brother use?

I know for a fact bitch is a cuss word if used in the wrong way. However, I was quite surprised to hear my brother use that word. He was...

Dads (and everyone else): Do you think calling a boy a sissy will necessarily make them masculine?

This is EXACTLY what my stepdad calls his 8½-year-old son when he develops his emotions. My stepdad compares him to his younger cousins...