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Guys, would you be okay with your son being named "Gustave" (READ DETAILS) ?

OK, so I previously posted a question asking the ladies if they would be okay with their daughter being named "Sue", after the T-Rex skeleton in Chicago, IL. So far, all of them said "yes." Girls, would you be okay with...
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Why are kids so mean these days? this happened a while ago, but this girl was bullied out of her school cause she likes to sing. Like how messed up is that? i got picked on as a kid, and it sucks.
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If your dog let itself get scratched by a cat (doesn't fight back) would you report it?

In this case, the cat scratched the dogs, even drew blood on its face and they didn't fight back. If that was your dog with the patient of a saint would you report it?
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Is it still animal abuse if your cat enjoys getting their butts slapped?
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Does your cat ever hug you like in this video?

I came across this 2017 video and I think it's precious because this is exactly what my black cat does to me. (Relevant part starts at 0:57). Have any of your cats ever hugged you...
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Gallipoli target practice scene? the bad side this guy is will fight tomorrow think about that you have a friend from enemy country and you will fight for your country and you see your friend and you will kill...
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What do you do with old greeting/birthday cards that you get?

I just put them into a pile inside a desk. Some people like to put them all in a scrap book though.
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Is it possible to fix a racist father with internalized racism or there is no way (he is Hispanic)? My parents both have internalized racism. As a Hispanic kid, my father made me hate myself as a Hispanic kid growing up. I used to escape my identity by playing American sports...
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Do you have regrets about not telling someone what you needed to before they died? this song sums up what im talking about is or was there an on going argument that just kept you apart from someone who you thought you hated but you didn't but never told them...
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Changing a babies diaper in public if you can't find a changing station?

I saw 2 videos on Youtube where moms changed their babies diaper in public, one was by a pool on a bench and police escorted her out & the other one was Ashley Graham (don't know if she is famous) changed diaper in a big...
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I've decided to move back to my hometown!

Where did I go? 25 months ago I moved to Bremgarten which is a small town half an hour from the big city I grew up in. It was a spontaneous decision because I found a beautiful house that I could never afford to live in...
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Were you grossed out by your parents showing love and affection?

Were you grossed out by your parents showing love and affection to each other when you were a kid? If you are a parent now, are your kids? 👆 Eh... skip to about 1:55 to...
BCRanger10 u
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Hot take: Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people. Agree or disagree?

Comes from this meme This guy argues against some traditions in this video
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What's Worse: People "Being Petty" Or "Being Jealous"?
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Do your pets ever comfort you when you are sad?

Wish my cat did. He just sleeps when I’m upset lol
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Sheba cat food commercial when the mom seems to care more about the cat, than the kid that says they fell and bleeding?

I think this sends a totally horrible message, to people, and kids! Like is is OK, if a parent doesn't even bother with getting up, to see what happened, caring for a child, but rather is so focused on a cat!!...
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