What To Consider Before You Dye Your Hair

What to consider before you dye your hair

Will I have to bleach my hair to achieve this color?

When you go from dark to light or to colorful hair, most of the times you have to bleach it first.

Are my hair strong enough to sustain the damage of bleaching? Or even to not get affected by the chemicals in the dye?

Fine hair can't stand bleach or harsh chemicals, like children's hair. Also, overly processed hair. People who have hair loss. They get split ends and get fried. Procceed with caution. I'm sure that there exists products or processes suitable for them, but one would need to make a research.

By the way, what dye does the hairdressing salon use? What are the chemicals it contains?

Cheap salons use cheap dyes, but also expensive ones aren't always good.

How sensitive is my scalp to the dye?

And you might be allergic to it. In that case, your head will turn red, it will feel like it burns and start to itch. Better to make a patch test to avoid it.

How many times will I have to dye it until I reach my desired colour?

Typically, to achieve a grey colour, one would have to make multiple appointments to the salon. And if you want multicolour highlihts and lowlights, you need more than one appointment.

How long will it last on my hair?

This depends on the type of dye, if it's permanent or not. Also the colour and the season. Black tends to stay a long time, a month or more. Red fades out to copper after a while. Unusual colours such as pink, purple, green, last for 2 weeks at most.If you have done an ombre, you can get away with it for longer, but it starts to look unkempt,dull and dirty after a while. Pools, sun and sea water fade your hair colour in no time.

Can I pay the hair salon every month to re-dye and to take care of my hair?

You 'll need to go to the salon at least once a month to cover your roots. Also, you might need some treatment, to keep your dyed hair healthy.That's a serious investment, if you think about how much money you'll spend on it in the long run.

How can I dye it myself or who could do it for me?

It is possible to dye hair at home, or have a friend do it for you. But you need to do research on how to go about it, and what you 'll need. And free time to do so.

If I let it fade out, how will it look like?

Red can fade to a pretty copper. Pink will wash out completely and your hair will look bleach blonde. Colorful hair may fade to look pastel.

What will I do in the case I dislike the colour or if it turns out to be a failure?

Typically you have to wait 2 weeks at least before you redye your hair, to avoid damage. And red and black are notorious to be very difficult to dye over. So it's kinda risky to experiment before a big event.

Is my hair colour in compliance with the dress codes of my school/workplace?

Usually there's no problem with conventional hair colours, but usually unnatural hair colour is being frowned upon, sadly.

Of course, it's just hair and it will grow back.


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  • Nice take :D
    I'd say: if you dye it choose another color than the one on the picture :o
    Since I'm colorblind, I can guarantee those colors slam in the face, otherwise I wouldn't have seen it...

    • Thanks for the MH :D
      So have we chosen a color... other than the deep blue on the pic?

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  • Interesting take, learn something new everyday

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  • Once, in elementary school, ì made the mistake of getting chunky highlights. Never again.

    • I did that too!

    • It’s a sign of the times. I might get some balayage at some point, but that’s a lot better than four giant highlights.

  • This was almost a good take.
    some of your questions are fully answered and it would have been nice to get all the facts. You should also take into account how often a person washes their hair and what texture it is.

  • Ammonia-free permanent hair dye is a nice option :)


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  • Great advice. I do hair and I approve!

  • Do i want to be taken seriously or do I want to work in star bucks forever

    • Hair dye isn't permanent. More like 'Do I want to be taken seriously for the next month?'

    • Are you employed in a real job?

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