My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

I love all things beauty and makeup. I don't care if that's an unpopular thing to say these days. I don't use it as a mask, I am actually extremely confident in my natural self. I don't "have" to wear makeup, I just WANT to! It's so much fun to play around with different products to achieve various looks. Nothing makes me happier than researching products, reading reviews, trying on new products, and discovering new ideas.

There are so many products I like but in this myTake, I am going to talk about my TOP favorites! These are the products that I could buy over and over again and never get tired of them. I will list products for each category, mentioning both high-end and drugstore items I love (not every category will include both though).

A little information about myself: I have super dry skin. For anyone who is new to beauty, your skin type matters! Different products are targeted for different skin concerns and issues. Just because something may not work out for you doesn't automatically mean it's a "bad" product, maybe it just didn't work with your skin type and that's okay because there are tons of other products out there that WILL work for you. You just have to know your skin type and shop accordingly. :)

Because I have mostly dry skin, I try to steer clear of matte products. Anything matte just makes me look flaky and dehydrated. So for my skin type, I prefer things that are hydrating, radiant, and glowy.

1. Face Primer

Smashbox photo finish primer oil ($42.00)

This is an amazing primer for dry skin! I have dried so many face primers and all of them have just made my makeup look flaky and cling to my dry spots....until I found this primer oil! It gives me intense hydration and makes a great canvas for makeup application. A little bit goes a long way so I only need a few drops for my entire face.

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

2. Foundation

Wet N' Wild photo focus foundation ($5.99)

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD invisible cover stick foundation ($43.00)

I have found foundations from both the drugstore and high end that I love. Wet N' Wild is one of the most affordable makeup brands and yet I think they have some of the best quality products at the drugstore. This foundation looks beautiful on the skin and lasts for a long time. It's not a radiant foundation but it's not super matte either, I think it's a good balance. The MUFE stick foundation is also great, wears beautifully throughout the day, and looks amazing in photos.

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

3. Concealer

NARS radiant creamy concealer ($30.00)

NYX hi definition photo concealer ($4.99)

I enjoy both of these concealers. I mostly need it under my eyes to conceal my dark circles and they do an amazing job of that. The coverage is great and they don't dry out my undereye area.

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

4. Powder

Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder ($38.00)

As a girl with dry skin, it can be difficult to find setting powders that don't make me look overly dry. However, this one is great. I just use a light hand to set all of my makeup and it doesn't get flaky or cling to dry areas of my face. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a powder at the drugstore that actually looks good on me (I'm not giving up though!)

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

5. Eyeshadow

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance ($42.00)

NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette ($17.99)

I mostly use eyeshadow palettes and these are my favorites right now! I can achieve both an every day look and also more dramatic looks. The colors are beautiful, pigmented, and blend like a dream!

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

6. Eyeliner

Urban Decay 24/7 waterline eye pencil ($20.00)

I mostly use eyeliner to line my upper waterline to give a bit more definition. I think this one is great. It's waterproof, creamy, and long-lasting!

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

7. Mascara

Estée Lauder sumptuous extreme lash multiplying mascara ($27.50)

L'Oréal voluminous original mascara ($7.29)

I love both of these mascaras. They make my lashes look amazing.

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

8. Bronzer

Too Faced sweethearts bronzer ($30.00)

Physician's Formula butter bronzer ($14.95)

I absolutely love these bronzers! The first one gives me a healthy looking radiant glow and the Physician's Formula butter bronzer I would say is more of a satin finish that just looks beautiful.

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

9. Blush

tarte amazonian clay 12-hour blush ($29.00)

Milani baked blush ($8.00)

These blushes come in a variety of shades to give your cheeks a beautiful flushed appearance. I have many of them in so many shades so I can wear them with any look.

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

10. Contour

NYX Wonder Stick ($11.99)

Now, I'm not super into contouring but I do like to give my cheekbones a little more definition so when I do use contour, I like to use the NYX Wonder Stick. It's so incredibly easy to use, it's creamy, and very easy to blend. It results in a very natural looking contour. I love it!

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

11. Highlight

XO Beauty radiant glow highlighter ($25.46)

I absolutely LOVE this highlighter. I like it because you can achieve different looks with it. If you apply it lightly, it gives a very natural, subtle highlight but you can easily built it up for a more intense glow. It's gorgeous!

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

12. Brows

ABH brow wiz ($21.00)

ABH brow gel ($22.00)

Benefit gimme brow ($24.00)

I love a well defined brow and these products are how I achieve it! The brow wiz if perfect for filling in my brows, the gimme brow is a volumizing fiber gel that adds volume, and the ABH brow gel makes your brows bullet proof! They won't budge until you're ready to take off your makeup.

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

13. Lipstick

tarte rainforest of the sea color splash lipstick ($21.00)

sephora collection cream lip stain ($14.00)

Unfortunately, due to my dryness, I have to stay away from completely matte lipsticks (even though I love how they look!). They just aren't comfortable on my lips. Instead, I try to use more creamy lipstick products like the ones I mentioned. They feel great on my lips, are long lasting, and have great color payoff!

My Favorite Makeup Products: High End + Drugstore!

Well, that's about it. Have you used any of the products I mentioned? Tell me YOUR favorite beauty products in the comments! :)

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  • Nice Take :)

    I'm not a fan of mascara.

    I recently bought the Two Faced Natural Love, Sweet peach palettes and the matte lipgloss and the naked heat. I haven't tried them but I've heard good reviews on them.

    Yes I love NYX! Especially their lip glosses.

    I would say my fav makeup is eye liner and lipstick. But I also like highlighter and blusher.

    In terms of brands I like EA palette, glosses and a few more but I'm gone blank lol

    • Awesome! I really like the Naked palettes but I haven't gotten the Naked Heat one yet. I've heard it's great though! :)

  • I really hope some ladies take my advice. the glamoflauge concealer by hard candy literally conceals everything from the worst type of acne to hyperpigmentation to dark circles and tattoos. it's amazing! wear it under your foundation and you'll have PERFECT skin.
    ps, it's great for hickies too lol
    10/10 please try it!!!


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