Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Hair!

Hello and Welcome everyone! There is one thing in your body that you love the most, especially guys. No, I'm not taling about genitals😂😂. It's hair, sonething you don't wanna lose. You love your hair, don't you? So let's check five things you should stop doing to your hair:

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Hair!

1) Swiping that up

Moving your hands towards your hair, playing with them like a soft toy, sonetimes trying to set them and sometimes to feel the silkiness. Just stop doing this to your hair. Swiping your hands repeatedly over your hair can affect the quality and weaken them from roots. So next time, swipe your credit card instead of hair lmao.

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Hair!

2) Shampoo is the enemy

Yeah you read that right lol. Shampooing your hair once a while is good for your hair but everyday shampooing can be harmful for your hair. Shampoos literally affect your hair due to its chemical composition or whatever but yeah daily shampooing ultimately damages your hair.

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Hair!

3) Choosing the wrong products

Some people believe that using hair products degrade your hair quality and result in hairfall, dandruff, increased surface area absorption but not all of that is true. Actually, using wrong hair products for your hair harm them. Cheap and low quality products will give you trouble in long run. Choosing wrong category of product which doesn't fulfill your purpose is another common mistake. I'll write a take on it maybe.

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Hair!

4) Beat the heat

Since past 5-6 years, the use of air blown dryers has increased rapidly. It has become your daily routine to blow dry your hair after every shower. A limited amount of heat is okay but too much accelerates hair loss and damages them severely. Setting your dryer to low and medium is fibe but setting it to high may even cause inflammation on your scalp.

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Hair!

5) Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

This is one of the most important thing. Some people just don't spare their scalp. Just leave it abit man! Many of them don't even shampoo and remove their hair product off. They roam around applying it all day and then they return back, sleep, wash it next day and apply something again. You should wash your hair asap after you cone back to home since if the hair product remains for much long on your hair, it may cause some hair problems. If your hair don't get enough air, their growth stops and this may even result in hairfall.

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Hair!

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