2018 Fashion Trends Haute Couture Inspired, i. e., NOT Wearable

There are a lot of wearable 2018 trends this year, but it seems more than half of the newer trends are turning towards "not wearable" type... Or...you can wear them but be prepared to look crazy while walking down the street...maybe not a bad thing...depending on the impression you're willing to make on others. Haha

Okay, so here we go:

1. Artsy Impressions

Literally pressing artsy images on your clothing - maybe works for a T-shirt, but it's envisioned more as this:

2018 Fashion Trends Haute Couture Inspired, i.e., NOT Wearable

2. Glitter craziness

Flamboyant and over the top - glitter from head to toe, and there ain't nothin' subtle about it:

3. So many feathers

Drowning in feathers...so many feathers...like a pillow inside out:

4. Plastic

Yes, literally palstic... Plastic raincoat, plastic shirt, plastic skirt, plastic shoes, boots, hats...:

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  • At some point this becomes fetish wear


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  • Typically Haute Couture is not wearable, but people have been wearing big feathery jackets and head to toe sequins (see the 80s) forever. Also not too long ago, the see through rain coats and suits were, "a thing."


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  • Wow. Two reminds me a lot of Ziggy Stardust.

  • Just to be clear! People get PAID a lot of money for making... this. So yeah it's ''fashionable''

    • I couldn't agree more... The only thing I stated is that it isn't actually wearable - that's the actual point of haute couture in recent decades...

    • And yet when i wear a t shirt with bruce lee picture on it people says it looks stupid.

  • 1. No
    2. Yes
    3. No
    4. No

  • Im not gay just love women in new clothes an shoes they strut like they own the place a real turn on


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