Tall Girl Fashion Rant

I love being tall, but when it comes to clothing, everything about it can be a pain, and thus my tall girl fashion rant.

1. The Irony

Tall Girl Fashion Rant

Every female fashion model on a runway that you see is a tall statuesque 5'9-6'1 model, so it would stand to reason that clothing in stores would perhaps cater to us population of baby giraffes, but it doesn't. The truth is, there are only 5% of the US female population that are actually 5'9 and above, so the clothing carried in store caters to our shorter counterparts. Sleeves are too short, tops not long enough, inseams make all pants look like capris, it's annoying. Unless you shop online or have a million dollars to pay someone to design for you, you're stuck for life rolling up sleeves and trying to pick through the bins for a shirt with any potential extra length to it.

2. Stop telling me not to wear heels!

I'm tall, and if you are shorter than me, you are short or shorter than me. Wearing or not wearing heels is not going to change our collective predicament. If I put on a pair of 3 inch heels, guess what, I'm STILL tall. Heels serve no actual purpose other than an aesthetic one, and I happen to like that aesthetic of a long lean leg in a heel, so I wear them. I'm sorry not sorry if that makes you mad, or jealous, or you think it's "too much," or makes you feel like you in your heels can never be this tall because now "I'm taller," but you'll get over it, I have.

3. The upcharge

Petite person became petite mainly through his/her genetics, and I, tall, yet there sometimes is what I like to call the punishment tax for being tall. Some stores will charge more for specialty sizing or of course you must go to the tailors to have things fixed or adjusted to look "normal." "Oh," they say, "because of your height we're going to need to add extra material here which will be an extra charge of hundreds of dollars, and it's going to take an extra 3 months to arrive because we have to order it from somewhere else because we don't usually have to add more fabric in store."

4. The mini skirt effect

Everyone in my life learned of this problem when I became a bridesmaid at a recent wedding. The bride had picked these lovely bridesmaids dresses for all her other girls who were no taller than 5'3, but the same exact dress that gracefully reached their knees was a very short mini skirt on me. I tried to warn the bride, but she kept saying it will be fine, it will be fine. It wasn't...fine. The mini-skirt effect is a real danger when wearing dresses off the rack.

5. Shoes

The bigger the shoe, the less variety and the more likely you will be to have to practically Black Friday punch and claw your way to the only one left in your size. If I'm lucky, there is one dusty rack of shoes, always in the corner, always against the wall with the one light flickering, where I can find some...thing...but it's usually never the something I want. Also a problem with the bridesmaid thing when it came to buying matching shoes. And one more thing...half sizes disappear when you go past a 10. There really isn't 10.5, or 12.5, there is only 10, 11, 12 so if you are one who needs that extra half inch, good luck sloshing in your shoes because it only tends to exist online, not in store.

6. Online Shopping

Although there are some brands out there that cater to us tallies, rando shopping is a problem. I must always assume that shoes will not fit, pants will never be long enough, and tops will be crop by default unless there are specific measurements listed in the sizing info. I've been burned, a lot.

7. Shopping In Store

It's one thing if you're shorter to at least have an option for you on a rack that can be hemmed or taken in, but its another to find clothes and know that there is nothing that can be done to add more length to it because there simply is not enough fabric to let it out enough.

8. Shopping with friends

Friends are often well meaning, but they don't know the struggle. A fun girls trip where everyone is trying things on can quickly turn into you being the dreaded bag holder. The phrase, "you can probably fit this," becomes like an irritating mosquito in the inner canal of ones ear.


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  • I understand your rant. You feel a bit like a freak. On the other hand, you have a HUGE chance of marrying an NBA basketball player who makes a lot of money.


Most Helpful Girl

  • That's me every time I go shopping.


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What Guys Said 3

  • sorry

  • don't wear heels, as a tall woman. i HATE it

    • fine, like women give a shit about your opinion.

    • just sayin'

    • yeah but like, no one cares. If you came upto me, say I was like 5'11 and I was wearing heels and you said "I hate that", I would just turn my back to you and walk away. You know that for some clubs and formal events you have to wear heels to get in? My friend (who's 6ft) had to drive to the store to buy heels in order to be let into a club.

  • I'm sorry for your troubles *hugs*

    Good Take ❤


What Girls Said 6

  • #2 IS the thing! 5'10 and love my heels. And I know the struggle!

    • YES! Honestly, it's like what does it matter if you're wearing heels on your own feet. You know you're tall, you know they make you appear taller, but just like all other fashion choices, it's a choice, and you've made the choice to wear and enjoy them.

    • Also I just can't think of me without them. And honestly, in the end, people in my office are so used to see me walking in them, also other girls started asking for advice ;) Rock the heels!

  • This just sounds like you want to point out you think people are envious of you veiled as a rant.

    • And yes all the stuff you’re complaining about can be solved by ordering online.. but I gues there’s not enough attention called to you that way.

      Shopping in a mall a a huge waste of time and kills brain cells. You should be great you are you’re being pushed in a more reasonable efficient direction. As for your friends just tell them you’re not a clothing rack. But we get it you have longer keys than then and models are your height. Message received.

  • The struggle is real

  • how tall are you?

  • heels are the worst shoes!!

  • first world problems of the highest order. ancient sandals were always cooler than modern footwear. heels are just woman-killers.