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Do heterosexual women find men who wear makeup or cross-dress attractive?

Hi, how are YA?
Hi, how are YA?

The endless possibilities

You may be trying to heteronormalize lesbian tendencies by shifting the object of your attraction away from females (where you would have to confront the fact that you may be lesbian) to males (where you can still technically call yourself heterosexual). Seriously though, do try to figure this out before you get into a long-term relationship with a cross-dresser - or else you may find yourself leaving him one day “because he wasn’t woman enough” (a really weird excuse as the usual reason for leaving a cross-dresser is “because he wasn’t man enough”)
You may be attracted to a cross-dresser’s confidence in being comfortable expressing his feminine side. A man who is confident enough of his sexuality that he does not have to overcompensate by shoving his masculinity down your throat can be quite refreshing. (By the way, I’m referring to him shoving his masculinity down your throat and not his masculinity down your throat.)
You may be a fan of those Japanese bishounen characters where the males are depicted as attractive “pretty boys”. In this case, do be aware that not all cross-dressers behave like their fictional bishy counterparts.
Then again, maybe it’s not about you. Cross-dressers know exactly what is considered “hot” because of their male instincts - and they instinctively dress up to resemble what they find “hot”.
Whatever the reason, don’t get too hung up about finding cross-dressers hot even if you’re female. It’s perfectly OK and I can assure you that any MTF cross-dresser will be overcome with sheer joy if they find out somebody (especially a female) regards them as hot.

Do heterosexual women find men who wear makeup or cross-dress attractive?

Prince a heterosexual male who was comfortable in his own skin

In the words of his stylist ..

Prince was so into his hair he'd started working on a range of products
"He wore every hairstyle that any woman could ever think of. In the later part of his years, he decided to go natural. He loved that. He was like, 'Kim, I don't have to get my hair done as often!' We could just get him conditioned, fluff it up, and send him on his way. We started working on our own product line four or five years ago, and that's something I'm going to finish out."

He always did his own make-up
"He did his own makeup, and he got better and better at it over the years. He wanted to wake up, get beautiful, and get to the stage. He didn't want any drama in between. He was big on that, not sweating the small stuff. I remember once he grew out his hair for months, played the guitar at a concert in '99, and the day after, he said, 'Cut it off. I'm done. I just wanted to look good for that night.' He knew what he wanted at all times, and he had me there to seal the deal."


Ultimately does it really matter how men or women dress? I believe that everyone will find something out of the ordinary, interesting, sexy, bizarre or disgusting. I find that men who want to express themselves in ART or fashion confident, sexy and strong. What do you think?

Do heterosexual women find men who wear makeup or cross-dress attractive?
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  • AmorgansHorse
    Deja vu for me as we just discussed this on my question. I would say as a majority mist do not as women probably prefer masculinity but as a guy who does have desires to crossdress I certainly hope your right. In some ways I believe you are because I could see these from multiple angles the woman could see you as more playful and down to earth, more comfortable in his sexuality as you said, or if she is into the whole femine side for lesbian reasons then I could see it. I still feel like the majority would be a no but even then most women in the very least find it funny to see a guy crossdressed once in a blue moon
    Is this still revelant?
    • So I guess I'm going with maybe and im gonna fence sit here for a bit.

    • Thanks for MHO so on another note I might have thought of a way to get more real world data on this. Maybe or maybe not you never know 100 percent but it might help prove out theories. What if you had a guy go to a mall on 3 separate occasions and ask a group of girls to help him crossdress at the end he asks out one and sees his sucess rate. Then compare that to him asking for mens fashion and doing the same. The issue here is we wouldn't be able to measure whether each specific womans interest declined or inclined based on personal choices but we would see overall success rate. Of course the men who do this would need to have ranges of attractiveness and it needs to be more than 1. Anyway it's just something I thought of maybe I'll test it out o myself since I need to try crossdressing once anyway and also need new clothes for work.

    • Nah nvm extremely flawed would only provide answers in the extreme case where either he got a dat all 3 times not crossdressed or vice versa because the individual womens decisions and thoughts induce complexities.

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  • I dressed up as Hanna Montana 1 year for a Halloween party and I had make up on , chicks were digging me lol
  • lollyacctwo
    For me absolutely not, I like guys to be manly. I think it's rare for straight dudes to ever wear makeup also.