Why girls filter their photos and want plastic surgery.


Ahhh....the magic of filters and it’s free than getting plastic surgery. It’s also a little self esteem/confidence boost.

But anyways, I’ll be a little guinea pig to tell my story why I filter my photos and want plastic surgery.


On here, through opinions I’ve confessed of wanting plastic surgery and filtering my selfies. That way no gets their hopes up. And I’m an honest person as well.

I’ll be posting selfies and edited photos of what is attractive and appealing to the eye.

Oh my god....🙈

au naturale with acne/scars, big nose, wide jaw, asymmetrical face and baggy eye.
au naturale with acne/scars, big nose, wide jaw, asymmetrical face and baggy eye.
Awkward smile
Awkward smile

Then people tell me: just clear up your acne and you’ll look better.

hmmm 🤔 okay 👌🏻.....

Let’s blur out my acne and see how I’ll look....still look the same
Let’s blur out my acne and see how I’ll look....still look the same

But since I’m insecure of my whole face, let’s have fun and improve it.

Slimming my jaw, fuller lips, straightening my nose...Oooh I LOOK BETTER!
Slimming my jaw, fuller lips, straightening my nose...Oooh I LOOK BETTER!
Same process. slimmer jaw, fuller lips, slimmer nose, along with Whiter teeth
Same process. slimmer jaw, fuller lips, slimmer nose, along with Whiter teeth

I look more cute and feminine 🥰. I wish to look like this naturally in real life 🥺.

Now, tell me which pics are better looking...I think the filtered ones.

But in all honesty as a girl, we do compare ourselves to others. That we also want to better version of ourselves. NOT the same as others. But BETTER.

Even though I’m shy and insecure of my looks. I have seen other girls posting “how do I look”. Which I think they are very pretty.


This post shows of me and my flaws.

Why girls filter their photos and want plastic surgery.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Karin_Anna
    Most other "how do I look?" Posts are ridiculous, they know they are very pretty and just seek attention of some degree.

    Your approach is so much better, you are an attractive woman naturally. We all could use a filter or make slight tweaks here and there.

    I understand that you probably have thought a lot about it and it means a lot too. You are beautiful though!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • JimboGB
    You have certain based line confidence which is quite high, whether you realise that it not. That is a very attractive quality of yours.
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  • flamiE
    You are beautiful, whether you realise it or not. I’m tired of seeing women comparing themselves to other women. We are all unique and have our own insecurities. Yes we do. What makes you stand out is that you are honest with yourself about what you like and don’t like about you, cause there’re plenty of girls out there acting like they love every part of them. Vulnerability is beautiful but don’t let it get to you like that.
    We all have scars, blemishes, etc and that’s natural. We all have expression wrinkles when we smile ear to ear.. don’t ever let something natural make you feel down. You’re beautiful and your smile is contagious. 😊 There’re plenty of women out there who have worse acne scars etc who wish they had your face so just embrace it.
    To me filters are just unnecessary cause it makes the face look unnatural/it smooths it in a way that.. natural lines just disappear and look unrealistic.
    As of plastic surgery, I don’t think it would help a lot as self love comes from within. Chances of finding something to pick on all the time once you find out how easy it is to get under the knife are high.
  • Massageman
    FC, you are a welcome relief from all the "favorite pic" posts on here. Thank you for your frankness. It's very refreshing.
    "Losing" the acne, thinning a nose and jaw, and balancing the looks of your eyes can be done with airbrush makeup or even simple make-up and a hairdo that frames your face better after a little practice.
    You look fine to begin with.
    • Thank you 😊.

      But makeup is such a hassle and sometimes expensive to get the right products for my sensitive skin. Cause I really don’t like caking up my face. That takes 20-40 minutes. 1 hr if done right.

      I don’t like hiding my face TRYING to be pretty. Than again, I don’t want to ugly either.

      I just want to be naturally beautiful, without the use of makeup. I’m just a simple chapstick girl with sometimes eyeliner lol.

      I also don’t want someone to accept me with just makeup. That once I go bare, they’re like “ewww, that’s how you really look?”

    • Massageman

      Once you practice the technique a few times, airbrush makeup can be done in about 5 minutes and it uses less makeup than finger or brush-applied make-up. It's great at blending in acne and makes contouring with lighter and darker tones very easy and natural looking when done right. I still think you you look nice from the start.

      (We used to use airbrush make up for our Jaycee Haunted House and it sure saved a lot of time - and supplies. )

  • Jamie1865
    How incredibly refreshing and honest! Well firstly, you're not ugly. You're 'imperfections' as you call them are a skin condition that EVERYONE gets (I still get the odd pimple now!) and people say to you 'Just get rid of it?' to which my reply would be 'Now why didn't I think of that..." with a sarcastic eye roll!
    The thing with filtered photos is that it's really obvious they've been filtered, so as soon as I see a photo of a filtered picture, that makes me think, Ok, what do you really look like? Like I said, you are not ugly, so with the old saying that 'You can't polish a turd', yes, with make up you can cover up acne or blemishes, but you still have to have the 'scaffolding' for the make up to enhance - which you have. If you're thinking of having plastic surgery for YOUR own good/self confidence, then fine - I'm not trying to talk you out of it, that's your call, but remember 'less is more' and that we are always our own worst critics!!
    • 'You can't polish a turd' 😂

      Guess that makes me a 💩.

      But thanks. 😊

    • Jamie1865

      Noooooo!!! Like I said, if you're ugly, you're screwed. You have to have something to work with, and you do!

    • Oh.

      Which is what? 😅

  • Aakash_Hangargi
    We must always know that however we are we are gorgeous though we might judge ourselves heavily it doesn't matter its how you feel mostly bc each and every one has flaws but still better than being fake be natural and I am speaking this in general sense
  • Wow, get your priorities in order. So you'd rather pay for surgery than actually bother to have a healthy regime and exercise.
    Acne clears if you eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise!
    Wash your hair, put conditioner in, brush it with a style. Watch youtube videos on tidying up yourself.
    No surgery can work miracles.
  • yenofed840
    You look much better and beautiful. Plastic surgery makes people ugly after few years. Natural beauty is god's grace.
  • FrePhill
    I’ve always lived by, Don’t judge a book by its cover. Ergo heart, mind, and behavior is most important as far as intimacy goes, I’m a derriere and thighs man. What mainstream media focuses on is beauty doesn’t equate real men’s sexual desires.
  • Twenty2
    I love your natural look with your awkward smile❤️ that smile made my day😍
  • Whoa whoa whoa... back up.

    Dude... you're so cute and beautiful.
    Don't let anyone say otherwise.

    Besides, why should you waste your money and time, to make yourself look good, for people who don't even care?

    Everyone is running after their own lives and you don't need to convince anyone.
    You're literally super cute and beautiful. So throw away that insecurity and take normal selfies.

    Love yourself first. And then the rest will automatically love ya ❣️
  • TonyV
    I really dont think you look that bad, I've never told a woman to clear up acne or mention it to them cause i know you women are self conscious about acne. I generally dont care about acne I'm just glad I'm actually seeing her face, I find a perfectly smoothed out by makeup face off putting cause now the face dosent look real.
    I dont think your nose looks bad
    I didn't think anything about your jaw to you pointed out and then i still see very little difference filtered.
    I really think tour being ro hard on yourself, inthinknwith how good you already look there is no need for surgery.
    Just try the simpler 2, try to clear acne and get your teeth whitened if you want and you will look fantastic, you already look pretty good, you are not ugly.
    • TonyV

      You say looks the same, but the filter that blurs out the acne makes a significant change! Try to clear that up, maybe teeth, forget the rest you don't need it.
      Also forgot tou want fuller lips, i think your lips look just fine too.

  • sensible27
    I think the whole attraction thing at it's very base is not perticularly pretty. It's essentially a competition in some sense, straight rutheless and unforgiving I guess...
  • LizzyHale
    I think plastic surgery is only good if you have always been insecure about one thing that’s changeable. When it gets to be not liking much about yourself, unless your Kylie Jenner rich it’s best to learn to love yourself and like at least a few things about yourself. But for me personally my nose has always bothered me ever since middle school and it has never gone away... it’s a daily thing that bothers me. I have a symmetrical face but my nose is not and round at the top, i am very happy with every thing about myself but my nose. It’s to the point where even if I was the only one on the planet I would still not want to look in a mirror to see my nose as it brings me down. Even though most people tell me “your nose is PERFECTLY FINE it’s better than most noses” again... it’s more for me than it is for other people. I am actually going to turkey to get my nose done in 5 1/2 months.
  • This was a fun my take! Thank you :) it's always refreshing when a gagger shows their face :)
    • Jjpayne

      You have a nice smile too

  • Reaperbot666
    because many girls grow up in a beauty pageant type of world view. where they see only the most attractive girls. or at least what are viewed as the most attractive girls. being able to date guys and find love. because stuff like tv, movies, social media, internet, school and just people around them.

    but even an average looking girl can get a guy to like her. if she has a personality and attitude he enjoys. since those are qualities most guys want is a long term spouse.

    personally I find her before photos much better. we all have a physically faults. best to learn to love and except them.

    generally speaking. the most physically attractive girls. are the ones who like how they look and feel in their own bodies. and are proud of their only natural bodies.
  • DiversityHire
    I really like how you look naturally, and it's really unfortunate you don't see your beauty.
  • mrgspoter
    I think it's changed to much and then a t like they don't know why your creeped out when they look totally different in real, lol
  • talulahbee
    I don't filter mine or want plastic surgery.. I think it's a lot how we are raised and what we surround ourselves with on social media.
  • Browneye57
    Cuz they're not well-connected with nor accepting of reality.
  • newfreshstart
    you look great the way you are also hope u did not mind the follow request
  • Enochian
    Attractiveness runs deeper than what you look like. So what if you have acne or an awkward smile, ultimately a person isn't judged on what they look like but by their personality. If you asked me which is the better photo, yes I would say it is the filtered one. But if you asked me if you attractive based on the photos you posted, I'll tell you I don't know.. Cos no photo of yourself is going to show me your personality and that is what determines how attractive a person is to me.
    And my opinion on wanting surgery or the use of filters is because those women want validation from weak men.
  • msc545
    To look more attractive, and to increase self-confidence and self esteem.
  • OddBeMe
    At first, it’s guys fault, now I’d say women are mostly to blame for criticizing each other.
  • GreenGold1992
    Some girls are just very insecure about their looks
  • bakingperfectionist
    Although I understand its 100% your decision, I really think you dont need any work done or filters. You're a beautiful woman! Genuinely, if I saw you out, I would think you're stunning even with no makeup on. You want to looked like a photoshopped magazine cover and I get that, but to me, real people are just so much more beautiful :) all your 'flaws' you pick at make you unique and will be the exact things the people closest to you love most. I understand we live in the perfection generation, but real will always be way better than perfect :) I hope you change your mind, but if not, I wish you the best of luck with this.
  • Adogdog
    I think your really cute even in the top pictures!
  • JaneDoe377
    You're naturally pretty, don't change
  • Oceanlust
    This topic has been deeply on my mind.
  • Avinash1223
    Nice edit
  • I know why
  • champoo
    May be wanna lo9k cool
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    The goosts of wind callz our victory
  • Anonymous
    because some girls are complex.
  • Anonymous
    You know what matters, lady? Your smile is just as sweet and pretty with or without filters. Just that smile enough would be enough for someone to like you.
  • Anonymous
    My heart goes out to you... That acne needs a specialist.. You sound like a beautiful person. I can't say someone is beautiful from just their facial features. I look to their personality and soul ♥ ♥