Why it's better to stay classy, not trashy

Someone call the thought police! I just shared some thoughts that the lamestream media doesn't agree with! Oh no!

You see it everywhere, in your face when you don't even ask for it. It's normal now to have your ass cheeks hanging out or your tits. Not just normal, but refreshing, and liberating. If you don't agree with this way of dressing and behaving, YOU'RE the problem. YOU'RE a Karen. Smh.

First of all, whether you think so or not, you're gonna attract a certain kind of guy by the way you dress. It will always be this way, the way you dress tells A LOT about your character.

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy

What the fuck even? What kind of respectable man actually wants a piece of trash like that? The answer is no respectable man wants a piece of trash like that.

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy

What kind of message do you think they give off? ^^^^ they show that they know how to be sexy while still being classy. There are SOOO many ways to be sexy while staying classy.

Let's go over some of the many ways shall we?

1. Figure hugging clothes

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy


2. Decolletage

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy

You can show the beauty of your feminine chest and shoulders without showing your tits. A little cleavage is fine, but not this below.

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy

3. High waisted things

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy

Obviously you don't have to wear retro things like the teal skirt above, but high waisted clothing really accentuates your waist.

If you MUST show a shit ton of your skin, do it in proportion for god's sake. Example: If you wanna show your tits, wear a longer pair of bottoms, if you wanna show your legs, wear a less revealing top. Get it?

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy

Showing your tummy isn't that big of a deal, they were doing it during the classy era even. Just remember proportion.

I feel like this isn't that hard to grasp. The excuses women have for wearing some of these slutty clothes is so laughable. "It's hot out" "I wanna feel free" etc, like you can do all these things and stay cool while dressing classy.

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why its better to stay classy, not trashy

Sincerely, LanaDelRey25

Why its better to stay classy, not trashy
Why it's better to stay classy, not trashy
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Most Helpful Girls

  • denver25
    I agree! Sadly the way the fashion trends are set up now it seems like all girls want to do is show more so that’s what’s being created and sold. And some outfits are really cute but some really aren’t called for especially in certain settings. As for men they literally blow wherever the wind blows them meaning it doesn’t matter what you wear they’ll still look and fantasize. I think it more so has to do with maturity though, some guys are secure with themselves that they don’t mind what their lady wears as long as she feels good about herself wearing it. If everyone were to complain about how women dress then we might as well wear full clothes at the beach and swimming pools because of our ass and tits
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  • You meant the thot police right? 😂👌 thing is, guys like when girls dress trashy but more so behind clothes doors... only for them. They dont wana share her goods with the world. At the same time, many seem to be down to fck these thots but not marry em. Others seem to wanna marry them just to say they have a trophy wife. Its a confusing world in which we live
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Most Helpful Guys

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Very interesting thanks for sharing with us, I remembered years ago going to my doctor's appointment just for a checkup, this girl who looked like she went to a Catholic School had her uniform on and she didn't care, she sat with her leg under her but as a teen, I didn't care I was checking that shit out. LMFAO But I believed that girl could at least sat like a lady and why her Grandmother didn't tell her is beyond my knowledge but I agree with you, It's better to stay classy and not trashy If I see a woman/girl with her tits hanging out or tight ass jeans showing everything just makes me wonder?
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  • TheAfrikan
    I love this information @lanadelrey25 most ladies feel like if the parade there thighs out n cleavage all guys will be after them. But the answer is no dome men prefer looking at neat smartly dressed women who respect there bodied.
    And what one dresses in most cases can be used to tell about there characters. thanks for the post.
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  • raven6933
    And what if everyone thought this way? Everyone has their own opinion and should be entitled to and not lamb blasted for it. And what if tomorrow everyone woke up and suddenly felt as you have put it "trashy" for wearing clothes? Keep in mind Adam and Eve did not wear clothes nor are we born with them. It is inhuman to bash someone for their opinions especially if they are different than yours. Being nasty for any reason will not grant you permission into the Kingdom. WWJD?
  • Excellent Take, agree with your points.
    After all, it's also a matter of quality over quantity - showing less leaves much more space to imagination and arguably works better both emotionally and sensually.
  • silvermoon84
    Great take. I dress modestly and encourage other women to do the same and I get trashed by other girls for it, so be prepared. And good for you @Lanadelray for being classy.
  • Beautyforeverybody
    Thank you for this! Women who think like us are rare nowadays.. I agree with you totally
  • menina
    I agree with all of your points. Unfortunately all we see in the media is women dressed like the one in the first picture. It makes us (women) look bad.
  • SavageGirl101
    “Respectable man” lmaoooo😭when are y’all gonna learn that most women don’t dress for men and many don’t want one
  • blondfrog
    What annoys mean is when they say stay classy and then post a slutty pic lol.
    • hope u aren't accusing me of that lol

    • blondfrog

      No I wasn't. You rarely post pics at all lol. I just remember your one pic you posted with your pale skin and red hair. My facial memory can suck sometimes. Like If I saw you again I would remember but I already kind of forgot your face lol. Your def a class person.

    • Lol thank u!

  • I agree, classy not trashy is the way to go. That's how to find a man looking for a relationship instead of a one night stand
  • tofamous
    You know that's very well put I found it be much more attractive when a woman is Dressed attractively not exposing Little skin and lot of amagination works really well
  • Rob17792
    some women like in one of your pictures who shows off her huge implant knockers guys don't take seriously. Yes they're fun to look at and stare and some guys will even bang the shit out of broads like them as a fuck n chuck/ pump n dump but no guy will ever consider women like that for a real relationship. also no guy will ever consider a dingbat for a real relationship
  • trashmagicangel
    you're a misogynistic asshole with a victim blaming mindset.
  • SWLondon
    Nice job labelling to fit your narrow view and understanding. The real question is why you feel the need to do this. What another women wears or how they present themselves has nothing to do on how you can live your best life. To the religious zealots “judge not lest thee be judged” (or whatever the exact term is). If you are so confident then you should have no issues attracting the type of partner you want, but tearing down others serves no purpose. Maybe focus your energy and opinions on something that will actually make this world a better place. Shaming women certainly doesn’t serve that purpose.
  • Tea-Spaghetti
    Even as a guy I learned some tips
  • Mia-Wallace
    I agree.
  • RoxyFoxx
    You are 100% correct.
    • RoxyFoxx

      The challenge is to show skin without coming across as desperate. Less may be more, but it's not enough. Good fashion sense is essential everywhere, not just at proms and weddings.

  • Lmao. Understood
  • Alyssa11
    I think just let people wear what they wanna wear?
  • pleasestopthis
    Agreed!! No complaints here lol
    I agree with not being trashy for sure.
  • HMS1189
    That Asian lady outfit, I'll enjoyed it
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Audrey and Eugene in the same post. Like It
  • jimmy2
    The 3rd girl down is sooooo hot