The skin will look very young, this is how to use Rice Water Ice Cube

The skin will look very young, this is how to use Rice Water Ice Cube

Rice Water Ice Cube: Women use a variety of beauty products to make their skin look young and beautiful. But you can also take care of your face with the help of many home remedies. You can use ice cubes made with rice water on the face. Rice water is very beneficial for the skin. It contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are very beneficial for your skin. You can put an ice cube made of rice water on your face. So let us tell you about the method of making it and its benefits.

How to make?


Rice water - 2 tbsp

Rose water - 2 tbsp

Milk - 2 tbsp

Cooked rice - 2 tbsp.

How to make

First you take rice water.

Then mix the cooked rice in it and mix a little rose water to make a soft paste.

Then add milk and rose water and rice paste.

Then put the mixture in an ice cube tray and keep it in the fridge to freeze.

Once frozen, wrap them in a muslin cloth.

Massage it lightly on the face.

After massaging for 15 minutes, wash your face with plain water.

What are the benefits?

Skin will be soft: Rice water contains nutrients like Vitamin-C, Vitamin-B and Vitamin E. It helps to keep your skin soft.

Pigmentation: The nutrients found in it also help in removing pigmentation from your skin.

Tanning: Rice water also helps in removing the tanning of your skin. If you have tanning on your face in summer, you can use ice cubes made with rice water for your face.

Glowing Skin: Rice water also helps to make your skin glow. If you want to brighten your face, you can use ice cubes made with rice water on your face.

Face toner: You can also use it as a toner on the face. It will also help keep your skin soft.

The skin will look very young, this is how to use Rice Water Ice Cube
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  • MrJMM

    With all due respect, I don't see how is this beneficial to the skin. I do know that rice water contains arsenic. Hell if you even drink rice water can lead to type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic arsenic poisoning, skin lesions, and may cause skin cancer. If you want good products for the skin that will make it good and healthy you need to find products that work heck I even recommend you watch Casandra Bankson on YouTube she's a skincare expert and a medical aesthetician with over 10 years of experience. She's amazing she even has her website where you can look up products and more. She's gonna teach you how to apply the products, what not to use, what to avoid, why to use sunscreen, how chemicals bond, what's needed, and even get replacements from very expensive products to something that does the same thing for A LOT LESS money.

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  • Jamie05rhs

    I always try to cook the rice completely so the water is evaporated. But yes, there is always a tiny bit of water left; otherwise the pan will burn.

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  • LovingLoverReturned

    I like rice water.

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  • DavidRaul

    I already use ice cubes on my face. It worked wonder for my face

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  • legalboxers

    can it make you fairer though? I use everything and nothing works. :(

  • Rahul8124

    Nice take