Help! What to wear to a concert?

Short disclaimer, I've been to concerts before, but this is different. I'm going to a few rock concerts this summer and I'll be seeing a guy that I'm pretty into... and I think he's into me, but I don't get to see him very often. I need to make a lasting impression and look really, really good!

The concerts will be indoors. I have somewhat of a pear-shaped body but I'm generally thin everywhere and my shoulders look broad to me. I think I look the best in shirts with collars, v-necks, 3/4 sleeve shirts and kimono/dolman-type tops; anything to downplay my shoulders and make me look feminine. I'd rather not show a ton of skin, I don't want to be looked at as a groupie.

Please help GAG! I need your expertise. Thanks :)


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  • Wear something you feel comfortable in and for the love of god don't wear flip flops your feet are going to get smashed by the crowd of people.

    • Haha I've heard that advice before. I've luckily never had that happen but there's always an elbow to the back. Always. :/

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  • If this concert is anything like the ones I've been to a haz-mat suit or plastic smock and gas mask.

    • It doesn't get that intense! Haha both the venues are pretty chill and low-key. They can get crowded, but since I'm somewhat tall and can stand my ground I've never had a huge issue with crowds.

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