Ok Girls, it looks like we ALL need to rant…..your worst hairdressers stories?

inspired by a question in which we all seem to be furious at hairdressers who can't follow client instruction!!!

when u say TRIM, it means A LITTLE BIT OFF THE ENDS! NOT… cut half my hair off!!!

when we say id like a SUBTLE ombre please, we dont want it to look like the damn layers of the earth!

do u feel me here? feel free to rant lol

note: if this is the first time youv come across my questions…. what a shitty impression I'm making haha. i dont hav a case of rage:P nor am i usually like this:) y did i add this bit? no idea=]


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  • 2nd perm I did on a black girl I burned her scalp. It wasn't my fault because she begged to keep it in an extra 10 minutes. My x gf was a redhead and she was also a hairdresser. She came home one day with a skater cut and half her head on the side shaved. It looked so awful.

    • LOL! oh wait thats not funny=/
      damn… I'm pretty sure that may have been intentional tho?

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    • Hot tamale actually

    • oh forgive me:P

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  • I once went to this lady who was more a friend of my mom then a hairdresser but she did claim to do hair and have experience with it. She charged us way lower than the salon would so I figured it's a no brainer and would go if she can do a similar job but at a lower cost.

    I wanted some simple highlights. She said OK she'll do. I bought 2 highlighting kits and went to her. However. When I walked out of her house 3 hours later I had platinum blonde hair ALL over. It wasn't the pretty kind either. I was that nasty yellow-y white color. What should have been a few light blonde streaks all over was a full on hair dye job and she must have gotten too enthusiastic because clearly I didn't just have "highlights" anymore.

    At that time I was still in school and our school has a strict "no hair dye" policy. It also looked absolutely AWFUL. My mom ended up rushing me to a actual professional hair salon where they had to recolor my hair brunette because the lady said there's no way they can fix it but still keep me a nice blonde color. Not with all the damage of the bleach inside the highlights.

    Never again! I only go to salons now and don't trust random people who claim to do hair but have no actual qualification in it.

    • omgg=/
      damn! looks like we both learned the hard way after going to cheap 'hairdressers'. i seriously think that with them the priority is the cash rather than customer satisfaction=/

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  • It happened two years ago. I remember telling my previous hairdresser that I needed a trim and she ended up chopping off more than half of my hair. I was so angry and I couldn't help yelling at her. I was crying when I arrived home.
    I was feeling so sad about it so I decided that I will always trim my hair on my own or I will tell my mom to help me out. I kept my promise.

    • thats basically exactly what happened to me, and what i did lol. its good that u just decided to ditch salons, ur hair is pretty safe in ur own hands because u know what u want- its in ur mind.

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    • u reckon? id have to learn to trust myself then=/ ill definitely take that into consideration thank u x

    • No problem, girl :).

  • I have too many hair horror stories so I'll list some that I can think of and tell my latest story.
    -My mom made me look like one of the Beatles when I was trying to grow my hair out. That looked so horrible I told her to chop it all off again and I'd start at square one with a pixie cut.
    -When I was five I was going to donate my hair my great Aunt gave me a buzz cut right before the start of kindergarten.
    -My grandma used to style my hair and she'd do two braids and pin them back with the ugliest, flashiest baretts in the universe just to keep my hair out of my face.
    -When I cut my hair off the second time I didn't get at all what I wanted because my hair is naturally curly but the lady didn't take that into account when she cut my bangs at my eyebrows. They were halfway up my forehead when she was finished and I looked like I was late for bingo when I'm not even old enough to enter a game of bingo.
    -When I decided I liked the look and wanted to cut my hair emo/scene I went to a hairdresser who was recommended and always did what my aunts wanted but they both always got the same cut. She was Chinese so she hardly understood a word I was saying but acted like she got it perfectly. I showed her a picture and everything but I came out of there with side bangs. It worked if I combed it right but was too long. We didn't want to insult her by asking her to cut it again so we went to a place in the mall. The girl who cut my hair there gave me bangs like I was 6 even though I had it combed right so my 6 year old bangs went all the way to the back of my head almost. she had me facing her the whole time so I couldn't even see what she was doing and tell her to stop. I left there in tears and we went to the next salon. The guy who they assigned told me there was nothing he could do because he didn't get what I was telling him. The woman working next to him switched and did the best she could to fix it and told me two of her horror stories and to draw a picture next time.

    • ok now i know that all these were seriously bad times but the way u described them cracked me up legit lol:P
      u poor girl, youv seriously got like a timeline of bad hair events haha.

    • What's sad is I actually have even more stories than that but it wouldn't let me type any more characters.

    • haha well feel free to share them if u want to through comment=]

  • Yup. I too have been a victim of my hairdresser cutting off half my hair when I clearly said "just a trim". My hair is layered, so it's fairly short in the front which meant that I had no idea how much she was cutting until she was done. She cut it so short that it barely even touched my shoulders... WHY. On the way home, I kept tugging at it thinking "is this for real" lol...

    • -.- so sad. poor girl:( it really gets to us tho...

  • This hairdresser was really rough with my hair. She yanked and pulled and when brushing my hair after washing it, the brush actually made some horrible sounds because it was so roughly brushed against my scalp. It's like the sound when you're eating chips. And so many of my hair fell out. For some reasons, female hairdressers tend to be rougher with costomers' hair. In my experience, gay guys are waaaaay gentler.

    • ouch wth?
      hmm poor thing… good thing u discovered who deals with hair best

  • I had my hair about the length it is right now (longer than in my picture) and I went for a trim to a different hairdresser than usual (safe to say that was a mistake). She chopped most of my hair off up to my chin! MY CHIN! I went home and cried, this was right at the start of my school summer holidays a few years back, I felt like my holidays were ruined! Took so long to grow back. Without that haircut I wonder what length my hair would be now.

    • UR CHIN?
      but hey at least u grew it back, even tho it must have taken some time. ur hair is beautiful:)

    • Thankyou! That's so nice to hear :)

  • I haven't had any horror stories, to be honest. For me it's usually the opposite. I want something dramatic, and the hairdresses is too reluctant to touch my hair lol. I think they get intimidated by dark, long hair especially.

  • There was hair dresser who cut my bangs like 1cm long...seriously i looked ridiculous lol

  • Ugh! I know what you're talking about...
    One time I when to get my hair trimmed and styled. The first thing the hairdresser said to me was "I'm thinking of a short haircut for you" I immediatly got mad and told her NO, because I absolutely hate short hair (I don't even want to talk about the year I had short hair, it was a dark time)

    I told the hairdresser how long I wanted my bangs, to my eyebrows (see profile pic) I even showed her a picture of what I wanted, and what does she do? She gives me Audrey Hepburn bangs! And the hairstyle she gave me was just wrong!

    I left that place in tears, I was so upset...it's been years and I've never let someone cut my bangs again, I do it myself

    • omggg LOL! a dark time:P

      :O i cried as well when i reached home! i could NEVER let that same lady touch my hair again….

      but hey it grew out well eventually:)

    • Yeah...some people are obviously in the wrong profession

    • oh hell yeh=/

  • i wanted my ex hair dresser to trim my hair but she cut it short like a bob and i was so upset.


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