Would any girl care to take a look at my photo and tell me what their honest opinions are? (Please read details)

1. No, I am not seeking attention.
2. No, I am not struggling with an inner conflict.
3. No, what you say whether positive or negative will change how I view myself. (I love myself)
4. Say anything you want about me but only kind things about my puppy. She's sensitive. :P
I'm interested to see what other races have to say as well as my own. (:
Don't be shy. Haha


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  • That is not a puppy

    Its hard to tell from that picture, but you seem to have a good body but face seems average

    • Haha She is a puppy. She's not even one yet. XD Thenk you for your honesty though. Good body, average face. Got it. Hehe

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  • You'd look great with braids or a hair cut. She's so cute.

    • Haha Thenk you. I did the short hair thing, I hated it. Braids too, it just wasn't me. Thenk you about my puppy though. <3

  • You look great , :)

    • You really think so? Shucks...thenk you so much miss. ^_^

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    • Thank you ^_^

    • No, thenk you. (:

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