What do guys think about women that wear a headscarf/cover?

Are you neutral? Intimidated? Think they are oppressed? Think there's no point in approaching because it will be waste of your time? etc. I'm South Asian- light brown skin and hazel eyes if that makes a difference.

Just curious. I initially thought guys would see the head covering and just keep away/not be interested automatically- sort of like a safe guard I guess, but after being asked out a few times and a couple of other conversations guys have had with me- I've realized that isn't the case and was just curious as to what you think when you see a Muslim woman?


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  • Personally, I think she carries religious/cultural differences that are far too great to be crossed.

    I would not pursue a relationship a practicing Muslim woman.

    • That makes sense. This guy that I fell for (not intentionally) said the same thing.. We started to really get to know each other and although he was interested on a multiple of different levels and he said I was different than any girl he'd ever met, he said my religion and the fact that my parents would never accept him were reasons why he would and could never pursue anything with me. He said he didn't want to get attached only to get hurt.

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  • For the most part I'm completely neutral too it. I've seen a lot of my them so I'm not really phased by it.

    Though sometimes when it's really really hot and the scarf is black I'll think to myself "oh man she must be dying" or if it's super cold I'll get a little jealous. Stupid I know, possible a little prejudiced but it's never in any kind of mean spirited manner.

  • I think the reaction would be mixed. Some people wouldn't care , some would if I were to take a wild guess maybe 80/20

    I hate it and wouldn't appproach a girl wearing that. I strongly disagree with people who wear things like that it just doesn't seem natural at all. I wouldn't be rude to them but I wouldn't even think of them relationship wise.

    • Thanks for the honest opinion.
      And I can't speak for all women who do it, but I wear the scarf plus clothing that isn't form fitting or revealing for modesty. I only want to show my body and stay faithful to one guy and don't want to get any unwanted attention or show my body to anyone else. I want to be judged for my personality over my physical appearance, etc.
      Just an fyi; still respect your opinion :)

    • Ok cool thanks , I hope you get asked out a lot this week :)

  • i think no less of a person that wears of headscarf.I admire you for having courage to wear it.I was raised fundamentalist christian (Amish) and the ladies wear head coverings so i am quite aware of the stares it attracts :) In my culture it was worn because of 1 Corinthians 11 in the Christian New Testament which they interpret literally. There are many similarities between Muslim and Amish culture such as a focus on clean living, strong family ties, nonconformity to culture..etc..Yet I would not date a Muslim girl just too much of a religious defference..sorry

  • I'm neutral.

    • As in, you don't really think anything when you see one? Thanks for the response by the way!

    • That's correct. np :)

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