Guys...If you could create your ideal woman what would she look like physically?

Ex. Eye color, hair color, height, weight, measurements, short or long hair, fair or dark skin...
You get the idea ;)


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  • My ideal dream girl in terms of physique.
    1- she has olive skin tone ( i imagine like that)
    2- her height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches...because i am 5"9 myself.
    3- Average looking women is absolutely fine for me
    4- Any eye color...but brown is desirable.
    5- she must have long hair
    6-she must be curvy
    7- medium boob size is fine
    8- I would wish to see nice round bubble butt on her.
    Personality wise ( important):
    1- Faithful and understanding nature
    2- Always love to smile and have a laugh and talkative to me because i am shy
    3- she must be emotionally strong ( being sensitive is fine, it's a girls nature i know and i can handle that)
    4- she must be able to discuss on various topics like science, movies, politics..
    5- She must know to cook food. Lol
    6- an independent decision maker which involves me for discussion..
    7- Not lazy and always active


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