Girls, what kind of high heel shoes would you recommend to wear daily?

I am really short (5'2'') and I want to find a pair of high heels that I can wear daily. How can I make sure I'll be comfortable wearing them? For example, do thick heels make it easier? You are more than welcome to post some links.


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  • For everyday wear, you want a small heel. I'd say 4 inch max. Probably 3.
    Yes, a thicker heel can make it easier to walk in, but at a short height, it becomes less important anyway.
    If you're going to be stood up all day make sure you pick a pair with a good soul and comfortable padding on the balls of your feet, even though the heel is only short, there will still be more pressure on the balls of your feet than you're used to.
    Make sure it's comfortable around the toes too. When your foot is in heels, it will slide forward, so you want to make sure the fit there is good so your toes don't get squashed.
    Lastly, pay a little more. For everyday, you need to.they need to last.


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  • Wear a killer stiletto with really high heel.

    I would love to lie down at your feet while you walk all over me, wearing those.

    Will you dare to do it?


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  • Well lucky you, I happen to be a high heel fanatic. I have more than 200 pair and I wear heels everyday. If you just starting off in heels then start with a modest height like 2-3" and yes a wider heel does make it easier on uneven or loose ground. Buy better quality heels and try on multiple pairs, some shoe makers will fit your feet better than others. Stay away from BOGO that are 20.00. They are cheap and won't last and will be uncomfortable. Sorry this is long but shoes are my thing!


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