is my bodytype ugly? my body is really tiny, but at the same time I look like I weigh a bit in the stomach area?

this is similar to my body type:

mines closes with the last one but while my sides are more straight like hers and there's a bit of weight that shows, at the same time by body in general is really small if that makes sense, and because im short, there's still that curve in the side areas even though it's not as curvy as you would see on really slim women. is that bodytype ugly?
Updates: my side areas are kinda straight like this one and my body looks kind of like this this is my bodytype if it kinda shows from my dress


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  • I think that's a great body type. Looks very even, and not too skinny or too fat. Hey, be happy with how well you take care of your body.


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  • That link shows three different body types, but they'd all be perfect to me.

  • That's not even fat, a lot of guys probably like that type. I personally don't find it ugly or attractive, kinda neutral.


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