Girls- I want to know what is your favorite outfit, what do you think is hot, what do you wear to make boys heads turn!

What is the sexiest outfit you have, I want to know from your make-up to your toe-rings. What's the sexiest thing you've ever worn in bed, what's your biggest turn-on? What accessories make you feel smokin'? I want to know what makes you feel special and sexy!!!
My fav.-mini tanktop, Christian Dior make-up-smoky blue, crystal bellybutton ring, diomind earrings, dasie dukes, 7 inch stilettos, and a gold/diamond toe ring on each 2nd toe, and a lace bra and thong

Slutiest thing in bed- leather bra and thong, 8.5 inch stiletos, fishnets and handcuffs, bellybutton ring, toe rings, whorey make-up


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  • Usually leggings and a tee. Maybe a pair of converse it vans.


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