Girls, when the summertime approaches and the open shoes appear, do you worry about if your feet look nice?

Do you take special care of them at that moment?
Or is the only thing that matters the comfort of open shoes when it's hot out there?

Really no idea so... curious to learn something!


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  • I make sure my toe nails are trimmed and pretty with a nice shade of nail paint! I usually go with black though. Favourite.

    • I always enjoy it when people from all over the world answer my questions! Regards for Belgium to India :-)
      With black you mean black nail polish or you mean that you prefer a black outfit?

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    • The "Indian-black" method won the most helpful :-)

    • Haha I like how you've put it. The "Indian-black" method! Thank you ^_^

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  • Hey :)

    As a girl, I can tell you that it really does depend on the individual. However, although some girls I know care about how their feet look during summertime, they actually don't care for them until summer, e.g. some might do pedicures etc or something like that. the other 20% of girls I know, which includes me, actually care for them all through the year lol. Although some say it's a waste of time and products I don't really think so. E.g. I put baby oil onto my feet and moisturize it every day, and exfoliate in the shower at least once a week. Now that you're asking about it, it really doesn't seem that necessary but it just makes me more comfortable knowing my feet are clean hahaaaaa

    Anyway most girls don't care though... until summer comes :)

    • Thanks for that answer, take care (of the feet & the rest haha).

  • I don't really mind. so long as I keep my feet miniaturized and painted, im happy

    • Haha, perhaps try painting you toe nails purple when you play chess... it will draw the attention of the opponent and he'll lose his concentration :-)

    • Hahahahaha... That's a good idea!

  • My feet are usually fine. In the summer I do paint my toenails more often, though! Dark sparkly red usually.

    • Haha, so nice smile (like your new profile picture), nice feet!
      Nice from top to bottom :-)
      Oh by the way, if ever you want to do a practical joke, do like kangaru2 below... by surprise replace your profile pic with one of your feet!

  • No , i don't even need to paint them , but i do use some sunscreen lotion on my feet to keep them presentable during and AFTER summer.

  • Haha no, because I don't really wear open shoes in the summer. I only wear basic flats.

    • Aha, too cold in Finland or don't like to show your feet?

    • Finland is actually not that cold in the summer. At the moment it's 7°C, but that's because it's very cloudy and a little rainy. On a sunny day, it would be closer to 20°C now that it's May. And in June-July, we mostly have 25°C on sunny days, maybe even warmer in some cases.

    • And it's not that I don't like showing my feet. I just don't think open shoes are that pretty. :P

  • yes in the past iwas cautious to my feet but lazy to take care., only recently i decided to spend bit of money on them :P

    • Your profile picture proves that it didn't miss its effect I think? There's no miss election for feet of course but think they look well taken care of :-)

    • haha glad it didn't. in the past they looked not so good.

  • hmm not really, I wear nail polishes all the time..

    • Are you saying that wearing nail polish automatically makes your feet look great? I mean, is that how you feel about it? Just curious.

  • I'm ok with my feet. I keep them clean and painted. The only thing that worries me is the second longer toe when i wear peep toe shoes -.-

    • Haha, so it "peeps" a bit too prominently?
      Don't worry, we all have these little things... that "makes us us" I think!

    • haha yeah i guess you're right

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