Why do they tell me to like my height?

As if being short is a good thing? It's NOT. Not only am I ****** for dating, I look so retarded. I am 16 and 5'3.5 and I hate it (my parents are 5'7 and 5'0 so there is almost no hope that I am making it past 5'7). And they tell me to like my height. Why? What is there to like about being short? Okay, so I don't bump my head every now and then and don't have to bend into awkward positions and maybe live a few years longer. BIG DEAL! As if that comes even close to being as good as being able to not worry about getting a girlfriend and actually looking like a man. I'd totally give up 10 years of my life, be willing to bump my head everyday accidently, and suffer (possible) back problems in exchange for getting girls and actually looking like a man and not a boy. Tall people also look so relaxed and cool and in control. Remember, shorter people are more energetic, known as "short man complex". But tall guys are so deep, cool, and relaxed. Even if I "act" that way, it still won't come across that way.

All these 6'2 - 6'5 guys look so cool and powerful and like actual men. Here I am, sitting at 5'3.5 walking around like a little kid. Of course girls won't like me.

They say, "Looks don't matter." That's simply not true. I don't care what anyone says. If there is no sexual attraction, there is no romantic relationship - period. And being short KILLS...ALL...sexual attraction. How can I expect to be in a romantic relationship while being sexually unattractive.

It's not just the girls I am worried about. I JUST HATE ******* BEING SHORT. It looks retarded. It feels retarded. I look like a ******* kid and always (most likely) will.

Sorry, I am just pissed off right now. And this is coming after two months of constant frustration and anger over my height. So this is a little, heart-felt. But seriously, why should I like my height?

Another dude, he really touched my heart: answers.yahoo.com/.../index
Girls who say they don't care about height are usually bullshitting. Because here it sounds all fine and dandy but when they are actually in real life, they see how retarded and unmanly being short is.


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  • They tell you to like it because THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! It is considerably easier to stop wasting time and energy stressing and just learn to live with it. so your 5"3, It could be worse, there are other things girls look for in a guy like not being an a**hole, being kind, funny and not generally pissed off at the world. Plus do you know how many short girls out there who are tired of standing on tiptoes to get a kiss or looking like their Boyfriends younger sibling or worse still kidnapping victim!!

    Find a 5"0 girl, date her, marry her have a bunch of short kids and be a short little family. And when your eldest son comes to you complaining that he's 16 and only 5"3, tell him to get over it, find a short girl, date her, marry her, have short kids, because his only other option is a £200,000 painful surgery that most people won't preform which involves breaking the leg bones, putting screws in them and slowly winching them open as they heal leaving them bed ridden for nearly a year and sometimes lopsided afterwards and you are not willing to pay for that sh*t.

    Accept it, move on and overcompensate with a banging body. If you don't care no one else will.

    • Do we really want to add more short people on this planet? We need to get rid of the short population overtime. This means short families should be averaging less than 2.1 babies per mother. Averaging less than 2.1 babies per mother will eventually over thousands of years slowly cause the population to decay to 0.

      Or we must figure out a way to manipulate genetics.

    • we need to amp up the short love over here. There are some convinces to being short, I bump my head routinely on random shit I should be able to avoid. I cannot sit on a bus without doing some crafty leg angling to fit in the seat. I did not wear trousers that weren't altered in some way or another from ages 8 to 17 that is NEARLY A DECADE OF SEWING SO THAT I COULD WEAR TROUSERS!!! You have never had to pause and work out some momentary logistics before bending down to pick something up or open a cupboard. And you have never had a fall that started out as a slight lean at which point gravity decided to troll you and act on your over sized frame.

      Everything has its issues but there is nothing wrong with being short, certainly not enough to warrant genetic selection.

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  • I'm 5-6 and I've never once in my life considered it a negative. Never!

    In hindsight, looking back at when I was your age, I realize how many girls I had a chance with. I just didn't know enough about girls at that age to know it. I can't honestly say if my height limited the choices I had, but I do know that I could have picked from many girls.

    There are thousands of girls you will come in contact with. Yes, a lot of girls like tall guys. For a few of them, a short guy is a deal breaker. But with the thousands of girls out there, there are still WAY more girls who are OK with your height than you could ever possibly date.

    The connection between two people is very complex. There are hundreds of things that come together to form long term attraction. Height is just one thing, so stop dwelling on just that one thing.

    There are thousands of lonely girls out there sitting by themselves who really, really, really wish they had someone. They don't want to be alone any more than you do. Stop being so selfish and go out there and find them. Come on man, they are waiting for you. Those aren't just words to get you motivated. It's 100% true. They are sitting alone at this very moment wishing they had someone. Don't let them down.

    • Inspiring post! But...a few questions.

      1. Sure, height is just one thing, but it's the most important thing. If you look in my poll, "Height, money, or muscles, the vast majority said "height". "Height" received more votes than "Muscles" and "Money" combined.

      2. Women are a lot more choosey than men. Us men - all we care about is, one, is she reasonably sexually attractive, and two, do we have a connection/chemistry. But women are much more picker than men in their mate. There was a test done to show this. A guy used a very explicit and straight-forward pick-up line only to get less than 15% of the girls to say "yes". When a girl used it, 50% of the guys said "yes"!

    • STOP dwelling on just one thing. Stop it! Just stop it!

      I have a strong preference for dark brown or black hair. But almost every woman I've dated was a natural blonde. It's just a preference, nothing more. In the end it's about one thing and one thing only - chemistry. Most people who love someone could never give a reason why, they just do.

      You are too busy trying to talk yourself into believing you don't have a chance with women. That's just not true.

      Don't forget you are talking to a full grown man who is 5-6. I'm also the tallest male in family.

      I have never ever once in my life let my height get in the way. This is all in your head. Stop thinking like that, and stop thinking that you have to be perfect to get a girl. Don't let it stand in your way.

      All girls and all guys have their preferences. All of them will list things that they want in a man or woman. But most of them will end up with someone who only has a few of those traits, maybe none at all.

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  • i have a friend thats 5'4. he's really cute actually but he's never really gotten into a serious relationship cuz he always felt like he was the chick in the situation
    wanna know what he did.
    he got a girl whos 4'9 lol
    theyre actually really freaking cute together

    • So my dating pool is very limited compared to the tall dudes. That's great! I have to resort to only dating really small chicks too, who usually actually want 6'0+ guys anyway. Plus, my kids (if I even get there) get to suffer being short and have to go through my pain too!

      Being of Indian descent, even though I am Americanized and moved here at 1, already cuts my dating pool here in America.

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    • lol dont abort a child!!!
      and anyway dude, im sure you'll find the girl of your dreams someday.
      you're still young!

    • It would be for his own good.

  • I seriously think maybe you should consider therapy. Yeah, you can find love no matter what your height...but that is seriously hard when self-loathing is involved. Your parents might not think it is a serious issue but it seems pretty serious to me. We live in a society where the ideals of physical appearance can have some messed up consequences. Height is a lot different than an issue like being overweight or having acne. People can workout or they can go on acne medication, but you can't really do much about the genetics of height. What you are going through seems pretty hard and self-acceptance is the only thing that I think will help you. Getting pissed won't make you taller but being the best person you can possibly be will truly have an impact.

  • No matter how tall your are u are beautiful inside and out. Never judge about what your height is.

  • You're only 16. You might still grow plenty.

    • Did you actually read my thing? I said I have two short parents.

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    • Yeah, but only a "little". I will probably only make it to 5'5 to 5'7. Maybe barely 5'8. That sucks.

    • Well, that's life. You were born like this and there's nothing you can do about it. So either you can continue hating yourself and become even more miserable, or you'll pick yourself up and start focusing more on all your good features. Being a negative Nancy won't help you get girls, that's for sure.

  • You are still young and growing.

  • oh come on your height is not that bad

    • 5th percentile. FIFTH. FIFTH. At almost the bottom of the acceptable range on the growth chart. That's not that bad? Almost all the guys tower over me at school.

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  • You're right. It sucks.

    My trainer is 5'4". He has tons of hot women after him. Of course he's also mature, emotionally engaging, in fantastic shape, a good entrepreneur, takes care of himself, etc.

    You can't be taller. Control what you can, if you maximize everything else you'll be will ahead of many guys.

  • Use it to your advantage...Short means it's easier to be proportional. Better center of balance, less muscular imbalances, so use that. Start working out, get a solid body, and start playing sports. I have a friend who's 5'5", in his late 20s, and he destroys me at almost every sport. Not to mention he has one of the hotest gfs around. If your attitude is there and you accept it you're far more likely to enjoy life and find someone who likes you than if you go around worrying about it.

  • don't beat your self up about it. just learn who you are on the inside and feel free to express your self. being short does have it's problems I tend to live life for myself and don't care about getting a GF any more.

    PS: I'm 5'1 so I understand what you are going through.

  • I was 5'4 when 16 but then I turned 17 and joined a team and believe me. We gotta work equally same like you do


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