Trying to change my appearance?

i'm a sporty kind of guy, i like to wear sports shorts and sporty shirts. and i generally wear my pair of nikes, i'm trying to change my appearance so it doesn't look so sporty but changes into more dressy and casual because i know girls like guys who can wear what they want but at the same time clean up nicely and still look good.

any suggestions?


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  • hmmmm, if you live someplace cold or chilly casual wise, I would say to go with a nice pair of jeans, with maybe a button up t-shirt and a pair of low top boots maybe or instead of a button up shirt maybe a v neck or scoop neck with a cardigan.
    if you are someplace warmer casually, i would say a pair of cargo shorts with a t-shirt, a graphic one maybe? hope this helps lol
    you could also go on Pinterest (not sure if you know what it is) but that is also helpful

    • I've never used pinterest, but i'll give it a shot. thank you

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