You likes girls with curls or straight hair?

Hey guys i just wanna know what you guys like more haha i know its weird that a guy asks this but i personally thing girls just look so much better with straight hair? What do you guys like?

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  • I have straight hair naturally and I find it so boring sometimes but my friends with curly hair always complain about their hair & I used to braid it at night to make it look wavy in the morning and this isn't connected but I heard a lot of guys like girls with wavy hair.


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  • I have big bouncy golden curls and I just adore them. I get a lot of attention because of them!

  • im not a guy, but i said curly just cuz i have curly hair and would like guys to like that more lol

  • As long as it's clean cut and short idc.

  • I love both...I can't choose. I have extremely pin straight hair, and I love it, but sometimes it gets a little flat and I wish I had bouncy full curls.


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