Has anyone tried these two fragrances and are they similar?

I'm trying to find a less expensive and longer lasting (!) scent than Bulgari Au The Vert. I read online somewhere that Bath and Body Works White Tea (could be Green Tea?) and Ginger is the very similar to Bulgari Au The Vert.

Has anyone tried this, and if so would you agree the Bath and Body Works scent is a realistic substitute? Do you know of any other scents that would be similar to the Au The Vert?

The Bath and Body Works one is only available online.
'Au The Vert' is pronounced 'oh tay ver'.

'vert' sounds like VERY minus the Y, and T at the end of 'vert' is silent.

There should be an accent above the E in 'The' but I don't know how to get my computer to do that.


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    ...i may be alone on this!
    ...but the natural scent of a woman, her hair and body, has always brought me to attention!

    If a woman/girl needs to embody a fragrance or more... then she clearly isn't ready for a lifelong mate.

    • I wear fragrances for ME, for my own enjoyment, NOT for a guy. If he likes it, great. If not...oh, well. And I am looking for a lifelong mate, and I'm pretty sure I found one. And he likes my fragrance. And he likes my self-confidence, which is most important. Thanks for answering me, I just don't happen to agree. Best regards.

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