I would like to know what you look, specifically, in a girl.

I know this question has been asked multiple times on this site and different guys have given different answers, but I would like to know what you look, specifically, in a girl. I'm not just talking about any girl, I'm talking about THE GIRL. The girl who you bring home to mom, the girl you want to get on bended knee for. What do you look for in that girl? What is it about her, even if she doesn't exist yet, what is it that you look for? Explain, please, in great detail if you can, what you are looking for in your dream girl.


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  • Someone else already asked this, and I answered her question here-


    The biggest roadblocks people have when looking for life mates is eternally focusing on external appearances instead of cultivating and looking for genuine, warm personalities, and attitudes towards all. Everyone ages and will lose physical attractiveness, and we are all physically attractive for a relatively short time. It is better to spend time developing life skills, patience, and a positive attitude towards anything life brings us.


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  • Hmm, Well for me first and foremost would be she would have to be smart preferably in college. She would have to be attractive and fit..Has to have a sense of humor...Lastly be able to get along with my family which is pretty easy and that's it I think

  • Brains..mostly

    I look for someone I can have a conversations for hours on end without getting bored. Someone who is smart, outgoing, a girl whos not afraid to stand up for herself. Also she should be a bit athletic. For a real relationship I look at the inside of a girl more than the physical. For the physical il take her as she is unless she is huge like a whale or butt ugly.

    • I like your answer. But I think its funny how you say "For the physical Ill take her a she is unless she is huge like a whale or butt ugly."

    • Whys it funny? The word choice?

    • Well you say you look more on the inside, yet she has to be attractive. I just thought it was funny.

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