Which creates a bigger difference: mascara or eyeliner?

I don't really know how to apply it so I never wear it but I was wondering does it create a big difference or does mascara create a big difference?
And if you have any tips on how to apply it that would be wonderful. Like does it go in your eye or just on the eye crease? Please advise.
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  • Eyeliner makes the most dramatic difference in the look of your eyes, but both enhance them. I apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Liner I apply on the inside of the bottom lash line and the outside of the top lash line. One cheat I use often is applying liner to the bottom lid and the corners of the top lid (instead of all the way across). Nobody has ever been able to tell the difference. It just looks more dramatic when I do it all the way across, so I save that for fancy events and hot dates. ; )


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  • I'd say eyeliner. I don't even use mascara cause I don't find it worth the effort (cause it doesn't make too much of a difference...for me at least)

  • Well, eyeliner has a bigger difference, but mascara looks much prettier and more natural.

  • Eyeliner is by far more dramatic. Just got to practice in front of the mirror


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