Alright I told myself I am not going to do this but I guess you live and you learn...rate me?

Yep I am ashamed to ask this question but here goes nothing...rate me lol


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  • You have really good features. You're just not trying. If my girl looked like you waking out of bed though I'd be happy. You remind me of the girl I'd be looking at in the gym but she would be too scared to look back after eye contact.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you are gorgeous. If we were to line up 30 girls wearing NO make up, you would be the top most naturally beautiful. Seriously. The issue with the others saying 7/8 or whatever is that they are comparing you to other girls wearing make up. You are a ten to me with natural beauty. Give me an hour with you, and I would have you making guys drop their jaws on here :D


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