Thinking of cutting my hair, any hairstyle suggestions?

I really wanna cut my hair, how short do you think i should cut it.

Any hairstyle suggestions? Links?


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  • no no no no don't cut your hair any shorter

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    • well it reaches on my hips if i cut it i was thinking like just above the middle of my back. It would take more than a year lol. Yea I am so attached to my hair, hence why i didn't cut it is soooo long lol

    • that's perfect length just leave it

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  • Do medium length.. I think you'd look pretty with that.

    • Yea I was thinking that, I wanna get a hair cut that i can still tie my hair without having to pin down the short parts

    • Smart choice :) Cause with this length you can still do alota hairstyles with it so you're not necessarily "limited". But you have to WANT to cut it..

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  • Maybe an angled bob, frame your face more? Or you can cut off a few inches but get more angles and layers.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Don't cut your hair~ at least don't cut it in length~ i mean yeah~ maybe you could get it layered or something ~ but keep the LENGTH!!!

    It looks feminine and nice on you in this way~ (srsly i cut my hair because it was way too demaged and i'm getting depressed when i think that i have to wait for like 2yrs to get it long again~sigh/lucky you!)

    If you want you could try to lighten your hair or make it ombre or something! I think that lighter hair would match perfectly with your skin tone and make it seem even more glowing and yeah~you would look hotter :D


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