Lingerie recommendations from the ladies please?

I have been looking at the Elita lingerie site and wondering if anyone has had any experience with their products (

Their stuff looks comfortable and should meet my needs but I wonder if it is well made.



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  • it looks comfortable but no one can be sure when it comes to buying lingerie online because of sizes issues

    • Thanks, they do have store sales too. I like the looks of their line, just want to be sure it will last

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    • Thanks, they are for me, sorry about the confusion.

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  • Elita is very lightweight and comfortable, but I find it does fall apart. I tend to wash it more because it's not lacy or delicate, hence why it doesn't last as long as other lingeries, but it is comfortable.

    • Thanls for your input, you are right about the lacy lingerie, I probably dont wash my bras or camis as often. The elita line did appeal to me due to bras with non formed cups, which makes fit for me a whole lot easier and makes them a bit less noticeable when I am out and about.

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