Lol, for the girls with bubble butts, how do you keep your underwear from showing when you sit down or bending over?

I am a size 3 but I have a bit of a bubble butt. It's not excessively big or anything but it is back there. I have trouble finding the right size jeans that my butt is comfortable in but fits tightly around my hips. The Problem I run into is when I'm sitting in a chair or bend over my thongs stick out of my pants because the jeans that fit my butt don't fit my hips very tightly. I try my best to keep my underwear covered up but in the everyday life of sitting down standing up bending over they always seem to work their way back to view. I'm pretty sure the guy that sits behind me at work knows every pair of thongs I own because he sees them every day. When I wear longer shirts it definitely covers it but I don't always like to wear long shirts.

is there any tricks that you do to help keep your underwear hidden or maybe you know a certain brand of jeans that helps with this?


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  • Dam id like it if your underwear shows like that, im not a fan of thongs, i prefer regular cotton panties.. but any kind of panties would make me happy.. :)


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  • Try the no show underwear. It hides the lines, victoria secret has a nice collection of those


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