There's a casting in 2 weeks... how should I prepare?

Now, first thing's first, it's not like modeling is my primary career choice so I'm taking a relatively chilled approach to that, but if I play, I play to win... or at least to try to win :) (plus, there are goodies for the girls who pass the first stage of the casting, so why da hell not).

So, there's a casting organized by Douglas (basically a German Sephora) to find a new "face" for their company. Basically a model casting, the winner's prize is a bundle of a year-long contract with an agency and a trip to the Bahamas. Jocy.

Now, I don't wanna come across as a total newbie, so I would appreciate some advice on anything from clothing to behavior. Here's some data about what I'm gonna work with:
5'9" in height (though I may be 5'10" by now, haven't measured it in awhile...)
135lbs in weight (should I try to lose some?)
Preeeeetty long legs, at least that's what I've been told (I do know I have some killer calves though)
My face's in the profile pic (though now I have darker brows due to henna overdose... and I've grown out my bangs). I'm not wearing any makeup in this photo FYI, and I think I have to go barefaced to the casting too...
36-27-36 are my measurements (I should note here that my boobs are pretty small, it's just that my ribcage is pretty wide... Hell, I could keep a litter of puppies there. Well, I guess that makes me a decent coat hanger then)

Thanks in advance for any advice c: (wow, it almost rhymed, I'm such a poet)


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  • LOL strong use of jooooooooocy. Min. 2 o's.

    Just make sure you get lots of sleep so you look fresh.


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