Is there something like seriously wrong with me?

Because I'm not obsessed with getting the "hottest" boy friend, or even getting a boy friend at all at the moment?

I mean, eventually I will want to have a really nice husband, and a beautiful, loving family.

But right now... I'm cool with just having guy friends. Sure, I get crushes here and there, but having a relationship just isn't my first priority right now.

I'm a senior in high school, never had a boyfriend, And quite frankly, I'm alright with that. As for now, my priority is to study hard, and get into a good college.

THEN... I'll begin looking for the right guy for me.

Also, I'm not all caught up in the "ooh, what's the coolest thing for me to be wearing right now" type of thing.

I mean, I wear what's cute and comfy, and that doesn't include loads of make up.

I mean. Take good care of myself, and have really good hygiene. I just don't think that it should take an hour to get ready for school in the mornings.

Two questions...

Is this really weird?


Is this perspective a turn off to guys?

I understand that some guys will have different opinions... But I would just like to get a sense of what some opinions are.



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  • hmm ! sounds like a genuine doubt for a person at your age.But as you mature you will understand that all this fantasy of going after the coolest guy or having a hunk by your arm is short lived ! because relationship is not about looks ! Relations are something which need time and for that you have to be patient . I don't find anything wrong in your choice .. if you don't wanna have a boy friend . Its a priority which you have decided early in your life. Ans people who are clear about their priorities tend to break good in their career . Besides, you have a big life infront of you.. you will find someone who would share the same thoughts and feelings which you have.!

    I will say this is normal though it would not be the thought of the current generation.

    As far as your thought regarding the "turn off for guys" is concerned , I would say that it would depend on what kind of guys are you thinking about! Common a playboy would consider you to be strange but then some other kinda boy ( mebbe who shares the same thought as you) would consider it a perfect thought !


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  • This is not weird at all. If anything it shows how emotionally mature you are. I personally believe you shouldn't seek relationships until you are able to support yourself and you look to be headed in that direction.

    This outlook shouldn't be a turn off because it shows how together you are.

  • Nothing wrong at all. It's pretty smart actually.


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  • Of course there is nothing wrong with you. That's how I am and how a lot of other girls are, and as far as I am concerned, girls who are levelheaded, stable, education/career oriented are quite sought after by guys. It gets kind of annoying when all your friends are being gaga over their boyfriends and trying to set you up, but you need to remind yourself of your goals and be confident in who you are. Don't worry about finding "the one;" there's plenty of time for that.

  • no there is nothing wrong with you! I think it is totally fine. I know someone who is just like you. she doesn't really wear makeup, she is more into getting in a college, she doesn't wear the coolest things either. and that's ok! sometimes I don't really want a boyfriend either. I just have more important things to do. and I like my freedom! I think that you not obsessing over getting a boyfriend is a good thing! because people who do are the ones who don't get a boyfriend. you will get a boyfriend when you least expect it! besides I heard that you cannot look for love you have to let it come to you. I also don't think it would be a turn off to guys. it does depend on the guy though. and at least you are not being needy. guys hate that. don't worry you are totally fine! good luck! :-)

  • I think you're doing really well for yourself, actually. You sound smart and focused and realistic.

    If you feel a little weird sometimes, remember that it's occasionally good to be weird.

    Most Americans have lots of credit card debt to buy the coolest thing to wear ... so if you don't have a credit card, that's weird. But it's good!

    Lots of girls your age are doing really foolish, dangerous things to impress boys they'll never see in a year or two ... so if you're a little weird, that's also good.

    Your approach might turn off some guys. But that's good, because those are the guys you probably ought to avoid.

    you're on the right track. Stay smart and focused, and you'll be miles ahead of many other girls in a few years.