Forever 21 dress?


I am still in the process of looking, but I really like this dress (in teal color) especially for the price. It's for a wedding in a couple of months. I need to find a pair of shoes to go with it. I would wear heels, but don't want to be taller than my boyfriend so if you guys have any ideas on some cute flats, sandals, basically anything that won't give me height, but will look cute with this dress please feel free to describe or leave links. :) thank you!

oh and like I said I'm still kind of looking for other dresses, so if you find one that you think would be better please feel free to share. I like simplicity and elegance. Above the knee.


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  • Wow!That dress is so unbelievably hot.Go for it,and go for the heels ,too.Flast do not go wiha killer dress like that.That dress is a weapon!You could go with black,but for the teal,I think that I'd go for a nice pair of silver starppy sandals.Your guy will just have to deal.Ha,ha.

    • See I agree I found so many hot pairs of heels to wear, but I would feel really weird being taller than him. I feel like I should pick the shoes first and then find a dress to go with the shoes lol I don't wanna be any taller

    • Go for the heels,girl!You'll look stunning and very sexy,and that should make him happier,and forget about being shorter than you!In that dress,he won't be thinking about your height!Wink,wink!

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  • That dress is adorable :D I think these sandals would go great with it. link

    But, that's just my opinion.

  • I love that dress! Wear that one!