How do some people have a presence?

some people just have a presence that you notice right away even if there not dressed up well... And there's just that something about them that you're drawn to and want to be like perhaps.

How do you get a presence?


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  • When I walk into a meeting with Air Force generals, or keen research and developers, or prominent scientists they often come over to shake my hand afterwards. Usually they do this to people they are trying to impress and I have to tell them I an not an authority figure or management. But It is because I am told I have that I have a certain "presence" when I walk into a room.

    People know when I am there and I am recognized. The bad part is that people are intimidated to talk to me. Generally I have to start everything, if I don't, it doesn't magically happen at all. I'm not sure why this is because I'm friendly and nice but oh well.

    I think you can wake up and have it. I think the whole "be confident" line is extremely overrated. It is like a deck of cards, "be confident" is like playing your one hand. But if you're cool, and you have the right attitude throughout the game, is the key to winning the game as oppose to the hand. Your attitude is far more important. With the right attitude, it will encompass and overtake confidence.

    • Confidence is attitude lol

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    • I think the wrong "attitude" you're referring to is cockiness not confidence. Two seperate things.

    • You misread completely what I wrote. Confidence is a verb, like running or jumping, etc. In my view, attitude is a state of being, the zen if you will, like your perceptions on the world. For example, take Michael Jordan, he percieved success in what he did. He wasn't just good at shooting baskets, but he knew his strengths and his weaknesses. He was not merely confident in shooting a basket, he knew when and where and how. There were many "confident" good basketball players, but not all are MJ.

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  • The presence you're speaking of is confidence. You can't just wake up one morning and be like I'm going to be confident today. It takes time, hardship, and a lot of self acceptance. When you get there you'll know. You won't have any concern about what others think of you, both strangers and those you already know. You'll be able to accomplish anything without the constant support of others and people will begin to notice as well aspire to be you.


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  • having lots of confidence