Intimidating looks = no dates

I'm a average looking girl I was told I rate between a 8-9 on a scale of 10. But when I go somewhere full of available good looking men the most creepiest, unattractive man seeps through the cracks of the wall and approaches me. I'm told that it's because I'm good looking and the good looking guys are intimidated by me. Are my friends just being nice? "Like attracts Like?"


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  • Maybe without knowing it you are giving guys the 'stay away' look. A lot of atttractive women do that so often they can't really control it.

    The nicer guys see that and back off, but the real hardline creeps of course ignore the look.

    • I am shy and very quiet which could give a snooty vibe. Thank you for your answer.

    • I agree with this (your shyness is probably coming off as not wanting to be approached, but if a guy really wants to get to know you, he'll work up the courage to talk to you anyway so no worries) and Ill also add...creepy guys have way too much confidence! Its not that you're attracting them, if you watch them you'll notice they approach *everyone* and they are really good at ignoring all the signals to back off. So don't take it personally...! :)

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  • Sounds like your friends are being too kind.

  • It depends more on the guy more than anything else. I think that it has less to do with your beauty and more to do with their self confidence. Some guys are intimidated by beauty. But most guys at our age have figured out that a beautiful single women, is usually the loneliest.

    Most good looking guys have the self confidence to hit on you. You may be attracting creeps not because you are over the top hot, but because you look like an easy lay.

    • Like I mentioned above I'm a shy and quiet person and I guess it could give out a snooty vibe (stay-away look) which can be intimidating. I never dress or look in a way that would make me look like a easy lay, so I disagree that comment. Thanks for your answer.

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