I keep on lowering my value in the eyes of my girl.

I keep doing stupid things I'm to nice a person and I'm not creating enough tension and excitement in our relationship. It's to easy for me to do things to please her but in the end the sad truth is that is making her get board with me and she feels bad about it because I am a successful loyal handsome person and she feels she should be attracted to me.

So need some tips were on our way to separating if I don't start using a little game and I'm drawing a blank.

I need some tips for people who are already in relationships make me look better in her eye's. I have a lot going for me and have a lot of game when it comes to short relationships but this girl is my unicorn and after two years I'm just blowing it.


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  • You really shouldn't have to change anything about yourself to be with someone. If she can't accept you for who you are and how great of a guy you say you are then she doesn't deserve you. Let her go and find yourself a woman that would love to be treated right. She'll realize what she had when it's gone. Why would you want to lower your value or treat a girl like an asshole? Sounds like she's really not that great of a girl to begin with if she wants to be treated like sh*t.


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  • Show her you can't be treated that way anymore. Now, it's time for her to please you.


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  • tease her like in a flirty way ...like make jokes about her that she would find funny too don't compliment her as much this study I was reading in "the art of picking up and keeping the girl interested" explained it as "Negs and Disqualifications" most women get bored if your not a challenge let her call you txting etc. you almost have to treat her like a whiny little preschooler DO NOT ACT NEEDY! You Have to be The Man In The Relationship that's normal tho after years of a relationship women need to feel challenged give her own space and act like you know what your doing confidence is the key