Skin tight clothing- hot?

i saw a question that sparked this idea. I was just wondering if guys like the skin tight shirts and short shorts from like abercrombie and hollister. is that hot slutty cute or what?

also, I tend to feel awkward wearing both so like short shorts and a regular t-shirt or skin tight t-shirt and jeans is what I wear. just wondering if you think that's slutty or what

thanks :)


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  • Skin tight shirts and short shorts? I don't think there's a straight guy alive that would say no thanks to that.

    Honestly, the truth is that guys aren't too particular about what you wear. We don't really care. Something skin tight is kind of revealing, so of course that's hot to guys. But you don't want to be "hot" every minute of the day... Just wear what you're comfortable in. Cuteness is about personality.

  • well its hot but also kinda sorta slutty because its skin tight

    and it also depends on how high up they are.

    but for the most part when they are the nice size

    i like them they are sexy and cute at the same time

    just make sure they aren't too high up


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