What exercises should I do to target these areas?

I want to lose weight but I don't want my chest to shrink or butt. I know you can do certain exercises that are directed toward a certain area. I want to to get a flatter stomach and better legs and arms. I am eating better. What exercises should I do that target these areas the most?


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  • You mention a flat stomach and better legs and arms, and you want to keep your derriere or chest. First of all, fat deposits distribute themselves depending on one's genetic endowment and change with age and endocrine, or hormonal, function. Second, you'd have to run for an hour to burn just 300 calories, so exercise helps only a bit in weight loss, as the experts say, but if you indeed do such exercise daily it can aid marginally in keeping caloric intake below your daily target (say 1600 to 1800 calories/day for weight loss).

    Targeting large muscle groups of the legs and back will burn more calories because you use heavier weight and more exertion on exercising those groups (see calorie definition). If you have a club, do stair climbing, stationary biking, rowing, et cetera because those require much effort as well as aerobic-cardiovascular exertion while keeping to a minimum harmful impact on your joints. For definition, though, you want high reps, and for your arms the weight is not so important if you do high reps (if you don't want bulk).

    Of most importance, though, is diet. Avoid meat, especially red meat. By going vegan you will lose at least 15 pounds permanently the first year. This means brown rice, tofu, beans, and lots of nuts for protein. Avoid breakfast cold cereals, dairy, cheese, fruit juice, bananas, pasta, corn, and anything with HFCS. Continue raw fruit and veggies for vitamin-mineral needs. Red pepper and garlic mixed in food might help control appetite, as would coffee. Avoid sugar in any form because it makes you hungrier later.

    Exercise and diet as I outline will keep you from getting too hungry during the day, but you will develop will power against overeating and come to enjoy a nearly empty stomach because it makes you feel better.
    If you get hungry at the wrong time, go for a walk instead or run in place one minute. You will do all this because you want to.

    • I forgot something very important. Count calories and keep a daily food log in a little notebook noting each day's food! It's a pain in the derriere, but once you learn the caloric content of various measures of foods you eat it will get easier.

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  • OK well fat-loss is tricky and no matter what you do, if you burn fat, it may burn fat in the chest or butt area unfortunately. However, working out the chest and the butt with resistance training will give you a breast lift and a firmer butt anyway.

    Working out your glutes can alter your pelvic tilt if you have one which helps your posture and can make your stomach look flatter.

    If you don't want to burn fat and only tone up, avoid cardio basically but if you're still trying to lose a little weight, you may unavoidably burn fat in those areas.

  • Buy isolate shake

    Arms - Biceps curl, ez bar pitcher, concentration

    Legs - Farmer squat, stiffed leg deadlift, spartan jumps

    Abs - Weighed exersises like ab roller and hanging knee raise


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