Do you think there's a certain leg type that shouldn't wear high tops?

Are calves unattractive on a girl or no? Is there a such thing as too much calf on a female?
My calves are like that lol and a girl (suppose to be a really good friend) told me today that I have weird legs


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  • I have skinny ankles and I don't think high tops look right on me at all. I need shoes that distract from or downplay my ankles; high-tops draw attention to them. I don't think that skinny ankles look right in high-tops.

    • I have skinny ankles and big calves so I get it but I was never self conscious about it until now.. It's like she thinks of her insecurities and puts them onme

  • If you have toned calves that's usually the best nothing wrong with them being a little bigger, better to have some than none. I don't think there is such a thing as having too much calves. To me weird legs would be super skinny, like not healthy skinny, not just being thin but medical help skinny. Anyway your friends shouldn't make you feel bad about it or let them make you feel bad, it's all good girl. :)

    • When she said it I just said is it because I have calves and you don't? Doesn't make them weird

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    • Guess she's just hating lol

    • Haha true, haters are going to hate.

  • Nobody likes skinny legs. Nice toned legs on a woman is attractive.


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