Would you think that I'm adopted?

Because I'm not but everyone in school since like elementary school always asks me if I am because they think that my dad is white okkkk. He's not...he's a Pakistani Punjabi and I'm not adopted. I'm done ranting.


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  • Genetics often skips generations so variations of skin color, eye color etc too skip generations.

    It's not necessary that the skin / hair / eye color of the parents necessarily show on the child :)

    The girl I love, her parents are perfectly Indian with brown skin & eyes while she's fair with green eyes & a brunette. She had the same feeling as you with people doubting her mother etc. I had my contacts run a genetics search on her and one of her maternal ancestors turned out to be a Brit with green eyes, brown hair & obviously fair skin. This had skipped 8 generations ;)

    I'd say understand these facts and don't bother too much about what people say or think :)

    Good luck :)

  • yes you are adopted


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