I have a boyfriend with a great personality...but he isn't that good-looking.

I have a boyfriend with a great personality...but he isn't that good-looking...i like him but my friends say: what the h**ll are you doing with HIM.?!?!..and I admit they really affect my opinion...and I kinda agree with them...but he is such a nice person...what should I do?should I stay with him?


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  • "a great personality...but he isn't that good-looking. what should I do?"

    a). Find out what kind of guy you want, that's "the one", for you. b). Match this boyfriend with "the one".

    "should I stay with him?"

    If he is "the one", then stay. If not, leave.

    If looks is important to you, don't get into a battle with yourself with arguements such as "looks are not important, don't judge the book by its cover, beauty is but skin deep...etc.". Despite their truthfulness, if looks IS important to you, admit and accept it. How long can a compromise last? Ans: As long as you can put up with the "pain". If you want a sustainable, happy relationship, don't go for compromises; steer clear of mediocre relationships.

    If looks aren't that important, and you decide to stay with him, turn a blind-ear to your friends' comments. Tell them it is your life that you are living, not theirs, and that they are not here to live YOUR life, for you. Take a look around, where are those who go for looks and failed to see inner beauty? Ans: Some end up here >>>> link


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  • if you like him and he treats you good, you should tell your friends to go to hell for what they think. and if you're going to let them affect your opinion just cause they think you should be with someone better looking, then that only says you're a superficial b*tch. its up to you. stand up for yourself and be with who you want to be with regardless of what your friends say, which is the mature thing to do, or not.

    regardless of which you choose, you discover something about yourself. you're either a mature adult capable of making your own decisions and choosing what's right regardless of peer pressure, or you're immature, superficial, and weak-minded.

    • Look...we are dating since 6/20...so...it's kinda normal for me to listen to what my friends say....not that it is the best thing to do..but we are on the first stages...if I was a "superficial b*tch" I wouldn't even post this question and I would dump him...also...the fact that I posted this question shows that I don't really agree with my friends and I want some help with that...don't you think so?!

  • it's much harder to find a boyfriend with a great personality than a so called hot boyfriend. good-looking guys are everywhere. your friends not only disrespect your boyfriend, they also have no respect for you. why do they talk about your boyfriend like that? and you let them talk sh*t about him? he'd probably defend you from everything and what do you do? you think about breaking up with him... wow, you're weak. you definitely don't deserve him. he deserves better.

  • he deserves better than you

  • I think, in all honesty, he should run away from you. That is of course, if your willing to let your friends be a factor in who you date based on appearance. If that's the case, then he should run far far away.

  • Think forward. If you leave the person who make you happy and end up with someone who is nice looking but treats you like, well you know the word.

    How will you feel?

    It's great that you posed this question instead of just dumping him because of your friends influence. Now you just have to make a decision that you will have to live with. Facing these types of issues is why I advise the youth I talk to, to invest their time and energy on their futures.

    Education, Personal Goals, etc.

    After that or during that journey if you meet someone compatible then go slow into a relationship. Dealing with these things can be distracting.

    I wish you the best of luck. Don't follow friends in anything, do what you feel is right.


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  • First of al; What The Fuck!?!?!?!?

    Second; Are you really that shallow?

    Third; Yes you should break up with him so he can get someone who will love him for who he is and be with someone who is proud to be with him!

    If you're with him you should be with him for him, and don't care about what yout friends say! WTF! Maybe his friends say the same thing about you! But he chose to stay with you because he doesn't care what you look like! Maybe he just loves the person you are, and the things you do!

    If you're not able to do that, you're just waisting his time...

    Damn what wrong with the world?!?!?!?!?!

  • Who cares if a guy is good looking or not?

    Personality beats looks everytime. Sure apperance is the first thing you notice, but personality lasts forever. Looks don't.

    If you are going to dump him just because he's not what the world thinks as "hott", and because your friends say so...thats just sad.

    And your friends shouldn't tell you who to date, you are in charge of that. And it seems that you let your friends talk crap about him. Do you stick up for him or let them put him down?

    I mean, think about it this way...what if your boyfriend's friends thought you were ugly, and wanted him to dump you because of that? How would that make you feel?

  • i agree with Julia_Dorst besides the fact that ur friends are hard ases

    man that is sad I hope you get a really ugly person on the inside and outside

    the you will miss this guy who is probly a really nice caring affectionate guy

    and who probly loves you


    i say dump him so that he he can get out of ur mean crapness

  • haven't you ever heard the song "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife" well this may apply to you except insert man for woman in the song.

    Seriously though who gives a rip what your friends say. I dated a guy that wasn't very attractive compared to my ex or anyone else for that matter..lol..but all of my friends supported me. He made me laugh and showed me a side to relationships that I never found with my ex. I was a little concerned that people would talk and I'm sure they did. That guy, my ex, and I all worked at the same place so I'm sure my ex was getting a good laugh out of it but when he saw us laughing and having a good time together I'm sure that was the only thing he could laugh about because this guy made me feel like my ex never could and I'm sure it was noticeable to everyone especially the ex. In the end it didn't work out but it absolutely had nothing to do with his looks.

    Give this guy a chance. What he lacks in the looks department I am sure he makes up in other areas.

  • You should stay with him its better to have a guy that's not that great looking that you like and love him than to have like god of sexy and secrectly hate him and just lust over him.

    ps I think he deserves better then you also.

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