W want girls to give me a makeover?

i have always wondered what its like to be a girl and would love to let girls give me a makeover with makeup and female clothes. whats the best way to ask a girl for a makeover?

also for the fun of it girls id love to hear what you would do if you were giving me a makeover so please feel free to tell me if you want to.


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  • I am a makeup artist, I don't think you are necessarily gay for enjoying that. I've made up some very straight guys who were just curious how they would look.
    The best way would be to ask a girl who is hugely into makeup and needs to practice.
    Have fun! :D


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  • I wish i could get made over to a girl with the clothes the make up the hair relay any thing girls get to wear or put on i want to experience it i to want to be a girl and i want to be able to understand what it takes so i know how it is to be a girl.


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  • Depending on where you live you can get a make over done by Mac, or many dept. stores. If you're in a suburb or small city good luck! But if you're in say San Francisco ( or NY, CA...) there are lots of places to go have your make up done.

  • If you are really up for this, you can ask your girlfriends..
    "If I'm a gay, can you give me the prettiest makeover?"
    That question is the easiest and will kind of excite them to have you a makeover. It'll be fun, I guess.


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