Is the African lip a deal breaker or a turnoff?

I am an indian guy currently living in Sydney, and i am very conscious of the big lips that i have. The lower one hangs out slightly because of its weight. I have been told there is no natural way of reducing it. so i have to live with it. Other than that, i am average in looks.

would the lips be a reason to not approach me or reject me?


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  • Physical features will have an affect on initial attraction.

    But here is the thing.. Once I get to know a guy.. a lot of things really stop mattering as much.. things that were weird, or off, before.. are now cute or endearing..

    ^-- this is my current celebrity crush...

    But when I first saw him, I wasn't interested.. but as I got to know about him, and his personality.. he's really the perfect guy...

    Too bad he already has a GF...

    I wonder if he would let me clone him...


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  • I like it in girls... don't see why stuff like that should put anyone off. If it does you are better off without them !


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  • Anyone who rejects you because of your looks is not worth fussing over. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Sounds more like a dental problem instead.

    • No. it is not. i have got my teeth aligned a few years back with the help of braces.

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