Is it unattractive if a girl likes to drink ...a lot?

is it unattractive if a girl likes to drink ...alot?

i drink quite a bit but I'm not slutty at all, in fact, I'm still a virgin and I'm 19. I just enjoy thinks more a little bit drunk haha. its not a problem or anything, I'm not an alcoholic though people jokingly accuse me of it. I'm a cute girl, and fun to be around. I have a lot of guy friends, but I normally don't get hit on... why is this? do you think its because people think I'm an alcoholic?


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  • Since you are 19 you are categorized differently, because you are young. I am 25, and I am totally out of the partying and drinking phase, so I would want a girl who thinks the same way.

    I would rather save my money so that I can buy a home sooner instead of spending it at bars. You might not think it is much money, but over 1 or 2 years it can correspond to a healthy chunk in your down payment on a mortgage. But I am also aware that you are 19, and mortgages don't concern you.

    But if a girl drink socially once in a blue moon, then that is encouraged. But I am just not interested in going to bars except a handful of times a year. I would rather do something else on my weekends. If I see a girl drunk a few times, it gives me a negative impression. I would rather see a girl stop after she gets tipsy, because I don't think getting drunk is the classy thing to do. But also I don't like getting drunk in public. If I get drunk, it will only be at a friend's house.

    • Well I don't go to bars or clubs or anything. normally just my apartment or my friends place. we have people over alot. and also I can hold my liquor pretty well. normally people know I've been drinking but they don't know how drunk I actually am

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  • I don't personally drink much, but likes making drinks, and haven't got a problem with the girl drinking more then me but, there are some limits. If she drinks so much that it becomes "expensive", or if she is neglecting stuff because she's drunk, or if she drinks my stuff when I'm not looking and I end up noticing that my Jack Daniels bottle is empty when I want to have one, and she didn't tell me when we went shopping, then I get p*ssed off.

    I've heard that the medical definition of an alcoholic is actually much more strict then people would think. I think that someone who has a beer like 4 days a week can already be called an alcoholic. That's just ridiculous. For me someone is an alcoholic when they feel bad if then don't drink. In other words, when they are addicted.

  • It is a turn off for me.


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