Do guys like girls with "attitude"?

I think girls that just smile and nod their heads & batter their eyelashes in front of guy she likes is boring. I prefer just casual talks maybe throw in some sarcastic comments but nothing that I know would hurt the guy's ego.

Which personality do guys go for?

Mine or the other one?


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  • attitude as in sassy I'd say no. sassy girls are just always mad because something isn't perfect or causing problems we don't want to deal with.

    attitude as in sarcasm, that's really just a style of humor thing, if you like to make clever comments during conversation that's just how you like to talk, it's not really an issue for guys as far as I know.

    attitude as in outspoken, I'd say yes, girls hide way too much of what they really feel as it is, and then they expect us to magically figure it out, which of course never happens, so less of that the better. If a girl can just be honest about stuff and isn't always trying to be nice to spare our feelings (or just to seem nice) then it's actually a good thing in my book.

    Girls in general should be pleasant though, you'll still want to be someone who is enjoyable to be around, just don't needlessly avoid confrontation and don't be scared to disappoint people with the truth.


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  • If by "attitude," you mean personality, then yes.

  • personality is the principal!