What do you look for in a girl?

what characteristics do you look for in a girl (DISCLUDING how they look)?


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  • I will always find women that have somthing going for themselves such as a carrier attractive, independance ie that doesn't mean acting like a bitch rather being able to support yourself and help others.

    I like it also when women let themselves be treated like ladies by me even if they don't need my help, still makes me feel good as a guy :)

    most of all its confedance, if you are easy to talk to and make good eye contact and conversation with me, I'm hooked. Can't stand shy girls that don't ask me anything it becomes a one sided conversation and makes me feel like I'm interogating you which in turn makes me feel creepy.


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  • has to be able to take a joke

    easy to talk to

    not judgmental


    theres more but I just can't think of them lol

  • Easy to talk too, Fun, Exciting, Cute minded, Caring, Open and Down to earth..


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