Accurate bra measurements? Need new bras and gonna have to shop online?

I have a bit of an issue. I have exactly 2 bras that fit. Both are LaSenza, 30D. They're getting on in age and use, I need to replace them. I checked the store when I was in the city last time, they didn't have anything in that size that I liked or that was comfortable for me.

I know about sister sizes, I have a 32C that I wear when laundry day hasn't happened and a sports bra isn't appropriate. It doesn't fit, I hate wearing it and its not really comfortable.

Does anyone know how accurate LaSenza sizes are? I typically shop online, I live far from any city. The busy season just started so I likely won't get near a city for another 3-4 months. Any help? I'd like to avoid having to do a bunch of returns. My measurements did result in me needing a 30D last time I checked so I'm reasonably sure that's the size I need.


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  • Go to a store an have yourself measured. Find the bra brands and styles you like then order online. That is the only way that has worked for me

    • I won't be able to get to a store, at least not until September.

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