What hair colour do you think would look good me?

Like i am thinking about dying my hair for the first time sooo any ideas? :)


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  • You look good now. Try on some wigs first with different colors. Try a red wig and see how that looks and blond wigs and brown haired wigs as well.


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  • i seriously think indians look hottest with black hair. butttttt i reckon like a deep brown/burgundy would look sexy af on u=]
    i love that colour. I'm thinking of it myself.
    something like this:

    • yea omg i was kinda thinking about this colour, I had seen it on cheryl cole and she is sexy af. Nice suggestion =)

    • omg she's amazing lol!
      thank u :) hope u pick it haha, you'd turn a lot of heads for sure! xx

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