Guys, do you like if your girl changed her hair from time to time?

Like , would you like her to changer her natural hair color?
Would you like her to change anything from time to time?

How about make up , ?


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  • I don't like it when girls are dying their hair. Keep it your natural hair color; that will always look best.

    Changing her hair style is different though. Changing that up from time to time keeps things fresh. Anything becomes boring when it's the EXACT same thing repeated day after day.

    I don't really know much about how girls would change up their make up. I know what looks good, but I don't know what you applied or what you didn't to make yourself look good. So, I cannot give any advice there.

    Do change up your clothing style from day to day. Wearing different clothes and wearing different clothing styles are two different things. Many girls change up their clothes, but it's always the same style of clothing. For example, some girls will only wear designer brands that are casual dress for going out. They never wear any blouses or simple jeans that aren't designer related. I don't like when girls wear the same stuff without any real change in style.


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  • You'd better make damn sure it's actually better lol

  • Yes. I do. Sometimes she'll wear it down and sometimes she'll wear it curly and in those times, I can't get enough of her.


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