Wanting get a full body makeover to look like a girl. I also want an outfit to.

Include all makes ups onto it. Any thing to let me feel like a girl witch includes long hair if possible fake Brest bra finger and all the other stuff girls get to wear to.i Would like a princess like dress for the clothing really i want to look like a girl so much i don't want to recognize my self.(the make up i want is foundation eye-shadow eye liner mascara lip gloss slip stick blush finger nail polish.) to any girl how is willing to help you would be the nice person in the world to me.
Or if there is any cross dressers out there who want some one to join the m I would like to join in. I leave in the southern charlotte in North Carolina near Mathews.


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  • Search for cross dressers in your area, I'm sure someone online in a forum would help you out with ideas.


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